Check Out These Insane Photos of the Paris Flood

Paris is not burning.

Check Out These Insane Photos of the Paris Flood

Paris may be the City of Love and the City of Light, but, right now, it’s also the City of Dangerously Rising Water Levels.

The entire city is on flood alert, as a week of torrential downpour has caused the Seine to break the banks. The flooding is expected to continue until Saturday, when the the water levels of the famous river that snakes through the center of the city is expected to peak at 20 feet–which is a whopping 16 feet above its normal level. Luckily, after that, dry weather is in the forecast.

Right now, however, Paris is experiencing its worst flooding since 1910, when the Seine rose to 27 feet, forcing city residents to evacuate their homes.

There are many treasures hidden in the basement of the Louvre, which now have to be moved for safekeeping. The flooding has pushed a lot of rats out of the river, turning the streets into a veritable sewer. Parisians are chill about it though. As per France 24, “That doesn’t mean there are more of them, only that we see them more often,” said Pierre Falgayrac, an expert in urban rodents, who says the capital is now home to “1.75 rats for every Parisian.”

In spite of the biblical downpour, you can’t beat Paris. “Of course the floods [have] made us upset because we don’t have the Seine cruises,” a tourist told FRANCE 24. “I love Paris anyhow.”

The photos have to be seen to be believed. And for more reminders of what Mother Nature can wreak, check out 16 Insane Photos of the “Bomb Cyclone.”

heavy rain causes seine river to rise, January 2018.

An Underwater Walk

The embankment, where Parisians and tourists like to stroll, is completely flooded.

woman and dog travel by boat during paris flood.

A Unique Commute

People are legit traveling by boat.

paris is flooding, january 2018

Roads Turn Into Lakes

Instagram user @tsilahs  captured this shot by the Hôtel de Ville, Paris.

giant fish is caught during paris flood.

Monsters Are Floating Onto the Shore

Fisherman pete_simonsson caught this 2-meter creature this morning.

The Quai de Conti flooded in Paris, January 2018.

Les pieds dans l’eau! Qui l’eût cru

Insta user clembaubau captured this photo by the Quai de Conti.
Île Saint-Louis underwater during January flood in Paris.

One Lonely Lamplight

Place Louis Aragon, a little patch of cobble streets with benches and a lamplight in the middle of the Seine, is completely underwater. Insta user senlisien  captured this photo with a Sony RX100 M3.

River cruises covered in water during Paris Flood.

River Cruises Are Canceled

Insta user elisabarg took this photo at the Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir.

Trees underwater during Paris Flood, January 2018.

Trees Are Gasping for Air

Insta user slmstrch got this poetic photo by the Pont de Sully.

artist Zoia Skoropadenko sketches Paris Flood, January 2018.

Art Flourishes

Artist Zoia Skoropadenkos sketches the flood by Notre Dame.

beautiful photos of paris during January 2018 flood.

A Perpetual Postcard

Watery and glistening, it’s still beautiful.

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