7 Celebrities With Scary Long-Term COVID Symptoms

These stars are still struggling to manage terrifying symptoms, months after testing positive for COVID.

Celebrities are not immune to the dangers of COVID-19. Dozens of stars have come down with coronavirus, and some have been sharing their symptoms with the public in an effort to help raise awareness about the havoc COVID-19 can wreak. While many celebrities have recovered, a handful are still experiencing some pretty scary symptoms months after contracting the virus. Long-term symptoms have been widely reported by COVID survivors, proving that the coronavirus stays with patients long after their CDC-recommended two-week self-isolation period is up. From lingering coughs to hair loss, here are the COVID symptoms celebrities are still experiencing. And for more information on the long-term effects of the coronavirus, check out The 4 Worst Long-Term Effects You'll Have From COVID, Study Finds.

Alyssa Milano

Charmed alum Alyssa Milano was diagnosed with COVID-19 back in April, but she went back to the hospital on Aug. 8 due to a "real heaviness" in her chest, she tweeted. The next day, Milano took to Twitter again to share a video that demonstrates the hair loss she's experienced from COVID-19 even months after her "recovery." Milano is not alone in having this startling issue—a recent survey from Indiana University School of Medicine found that 26 percent of COVID survivors experienced hair loss. And for more on this, check out The New Coronavirus Symptom That's Appearing Weeks After You Get Sick.

Lena Dunham

Actress and writer Lena Dunham detailed her experience with COVID-19 in a lengthy Instagram post on July 31. Dunham said she contracted the coronavirus in mid-March and experienced fatigue, numbness, fever, a cough, and a loss of taste and smell—but some of these symptoms persisted long after her diagnosis. After a month, Dunham said, she was cleared to leave isolation, but her symptoms weren't gone. "I had swollen hands and feet, an unceasing migraine and fatigue that limited my every move," she wrote on Instagram. "The serious long-term health consequences of a COVID-19 infection are something doctors are learning more about every hour…but we don't yet understand the long-term impact of this illness on people's bodies and minds." For more on coronavirus symptoms, check out 5 Strange New COVID Symptoms That Doctors Are Reporting.

Chris Cuomo

CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo reported live through most of his battle with COVID in early April. But in mid-July, Cuomo said he was still suffering from COVID symptoms, although he had a relatively mild case of the virus. "I've got brain fog that won't go away. I've got an onset of clinical depression, which is not sadness, but it is depression. I never had it before. I have it now," he said. "I can't recover from workouts the way I did before." And for more on the way COVID affects the brain, check out 60 Percent of COVID Survivors May Be Dealing With This Forever, Study Says.

Anna Camp

In an Instagram post in late July, Pitch Perfect star Anna Camp told her fans she had COVID-19 and had been battling symptoms for a month. "I'm only smelling about 30 percent of how I used to now. Other persistent symptoms are (a month later) dizziness, extreme fatigue, impacted sinuses, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and fever," she wrote. Camp emphasized that the coronavirus was not like any other illness she's had, including the flu. And to see which stars have been pushing for face coverings amid the pandemic, check out 7 Celebrities Who've Urged Their Fans to Wear Masks.

Rudy Gobert

Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert was the first professional athlete to test positive for COVID-19 in early March. The French-born NBA forward became something of a household name when he tested positive, which eventually led the NBA to suspend their season. And in a June interview with French-based sports outlet L'equipeGobert said he was still not fully recovered from COVID-19. "The taste has returned, but the smell is still not 100 percent. I can smell the smells, but not from afar. I spoke to specialists, who told me that it could take up to a year," Gobert said.

Danny Burstein

Danny Burstein

Broadway star Danny Burstein penned an article on Aug. 10 detailing his experience with COVID-19, noting that while his symptoms have largely dissipated four months after his diagnosis, some are still lingering "in subtle and, on some days, not-so-subtle ways." "I can suffer terrible exhaustion. I've had swelling in my hands and feet. I had a few weeks where I had short-term memory loss; that went away thankfully," wrote Burstein. "Sadly, it seems anyone who's suffered with COVID-19 has also had some kind of residual symptoms." And for more on COVID's long-lasting effects, check out This Is How Long It Really Takes for You to Recover From Coronavirus.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Prince Charles tested positive for COVID in March and experienced mild symptoms, saying he "got away with it quite lightly," according to the BBC. But the Prince of Whales recently told the outlet that he is still suffering from a loss of smell and taste months later. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.

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