The New "Cats" Trailer Has Inspired Some Pretty Hilarious Tweets

The movie adaptation of the acclaimed musical "Cats" has taken over Twitter.

When the first official Cats trailer dropped in July, Twitter users had a lot of questions, like, "Is it necessary for them to have boobs?" and "Why is cat Judi Dench wearing a fur coat?" Well, on Tuesday, the second trailer for the Cats movie came out, and—spoiler alert—it's just as bizarre as the first.

Like, what did Idris Elba do to deserve this?

As one Twitter user joked, this Black Panther sequel seems like "a bit of a departure."

There's Dench again, wearing fur over her fur and looking like she's about to pull the greatest heist of all time.

Once you see Taylor Swift's finger fur, you can never unsee it. (We're sorry.)

But at least we can all agree that Ian McKellan as a cat is a big mood.

The same cannot be said of James Corden.

The general consensus is as follows:

So if you decide to see the Cats movie when it hits theaters on Dec. 20, just remember: "It's not real and it can't hurt you."

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