Twitter Can't Stop Laughing at Your Cat for Walking All Over Your Laptop

Should we just accept our new feline overlords?

If you have a cat, you know at least one thing to be true: They love to sit on your laptop. Recently, Twitter user @alygat shared a video her husband took, in which their cat's ear had become an "enter key."

The video quickly went viral, amassing more than 67,00 retweets and tons of tweets from fellow cat owners who could relate to the fact that the struggle is real if you have both a cat and something to type.

Cats are walking all over their owners' work.

They can open up a bunch of tabs on your laptop.

They can keep your keyboard nice and warm.

And you know they'll be adorable while doing it.

Like, really adorable.

Basically, we all feel one another's pain.

Can one really win in the laptop battle against a cat?

(Probably not.) And for more great cat stories, check out This Cat Is Going Viral for Being the Most Dramatic Creature of All Time.

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