Hilarious Cat Reveals It Despises Going to the Vet, Goes Viral

Who likes going to the doctor's office?

Fact: Animals enjoy going to the vet just about as much as kids like going to the doctor, and they all have their own ways of dealing with the emotional turmoil. Some react with horror when they realize that this isn't the way to the park.

dog going to vet

Others flash a look of intense disapproval and silently plot their revenge.

corgi disapproves of vet

And some, well… They just flat-out refuse to move.

funny dog photos

Recently, the writer and Twitter user Ashly Perez took her cat, King James, to the vet, where she found that he had developed an interesting coping mechanism for the visit:

Who among us hasn't wanted to shove their faces into the trash collector in order to avoid something unpleasant?

Some people think the cat is displaying some good logic here. After all, if he can fit his entire body in there, perhaps no one will be able to give him a checkup?

Of course, if that's his master plan, he's failing a bit, as he's only making it easier for the nurse to administer his shots. Whoops!

Perhaps he should try hiding in the sink next time, where he can better view his mortal enemy and plot an escape route.

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