Japan's "Cat Island" Is Every Cat Lover's Dream Come True

Cats here outnumber humans 8:1.

Aoshima Cat Island Japan

If you love cats, you'll definitely want to put a visit to the Japanese island of Aoshima on your bucket list.

Aoishima Cat Island Japan

The one-mile strip of land in the Ehime Prefecture is only one of a handful of islands worldwide that are ruled by feline overlords.

Aoishima Cat Island Japan

There are more than 100 cats occupying this former fishing village, and only 15 (mostly) elderly humans, which means the cats call all the shots (as they always do, really).

Getting there is fairly easy: It's only a 30-minute ferry ride from Nagahama Port, but be forewarned that there's not all that much to do other than pet the kitties once you arrive. There are no hotels, restaurants, or even vending machines on the tiny island, and visitors are asked to take their garbage home with them.

But if you managed to make it over there, you're sure to have the purr-fect day!

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