I'm a Cancer Survivor, and This Is What's in My Medicine Cabinet

Up-and-coming musician—and leukemia survivor—Simon Curtis shares his must-haves.

You can learn a lot about someone by peeking inside their medicine cabinet. One high-powered executive keeps painkillers and antihistamine on hand for long travel days, and a professional nutritionist won't go without probiotics to keep her gut in tip-top shape. But what bottles might you find in the home of someone who's battled cancer and has to be extra careful about what goes inside (and on) their body?

Simon Curtis has a lot going on these days: he's a musician, recording artist, actor, author of the upcoming The Witches of Silverlake graphic novel, and even a new parent of two puppies. But as he told Best Life, he's "first and foremost a cancer survivor." After being diagnosed with leukemia and given 50-50 survival odds when he was only 10 years old, Curtis made a "miraculous" recovery and went into remission just weeks after receiving the initial diagnosis. Now, he says his struggle with cancer "informs the rest of my life holistically." Read on to find out how that outlook impacts the way he stocks his medicine cabinet—and which four products he always keeps on hand.

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Vitamin D

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"I love supplements and researching supplements," Curtis shares, explaining that one of the only brands he's come to trust is Cymbiotika, whose supplements are made of plant-based ingredients. "I really love the science they adhere to, the new technology, and new patented ingredients they incorporate into their formulations."

The first supplement that got him hooked on the brand was their Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10. "Oh my God, this works," he remembers feeling after taking it for about two weeks. "My energy level has changed." (Vitamin D has also been studied as a way to boost your mood and strengthen your hair.)

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Molecular hydrogen

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One of Cymbiotika's newer products that Curtis was excited to speak about is Molecular Hydrogen, which comes in the form of tablets which dissolve in water. After diving into a few different studies about the effects of this product, Curtis now takes one tablet twice a day. The benefits? "It's a super, super powerful, effective, absorbable antioxidant" (antioxidants are molecules and vitamins that protect your cells from damage).

"It's like taking a shot of espresso. You feel the 'juszh' when you take it… brain fog, gone. It's really really great. Highly recommend," he says.

Magnesium oil

Magnesium Oil Spray

Curtis was clear that as not only a survivor of childhood cancer, but also someone who's dealt with autoimmune issues in more recent years (which is common for cancer survivors), taking care of "every aspect of my body" is super important. "I tend to stay away from anything that could have potential adverse effects on my liver. Even things like Tylenol can be harsh on those systems," he explains, so he tends to reach for a bottle of acetaminophen only as a last resort.

But if he doesn't turn to over-the-counter pain relievers, where does he find solace for sore or cramping muscles? Cymbiotika's Topical Magnesium Oil Spray is his go-to. This concentrated magnesium supplement absorbs right through your skin. After you apply it, "you feel your skin tingle," Curtis describes, and then "all of a sudden… my muscles aren't sore! I feel great."

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Electrolyte Powder

What about headaches? Everybody gets them now and then, and Curtis is no exception.

"I've learned so much about hydration," Curtis shares, "and how chronically dehydrated most people are." As someone who loves starting his day with coffee (despite the dehydrating effects of caffeine) he keeps Cymbiotika's Pure Hydration electrolyte packs on hand (filled with vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and potassium) to help keep him hydrated. "Nine times out of ten, if I just drink some electrolyte water, a headache goes away."

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