Yes, Burberry Just Seriously Shook up the Luxury Backpack Game

Your trusty two-strap has come a long way since high school.

Burberry OPENER (1)

It's no surprise that we're living in a world of peak backpack. No longer relegated to the back-to-school crowd, backpacks—or rucksacks, or knapsacks, or whatever you might have called it when you were cruising locker-lined hallways—are cropping up in all sorts of unlikely places (including fashion shows and boardrooms). Now, we wouldn't tell you to ditch that gorgeous old briefcase or leather attaché case quite yet, but a luxury backpack is indeed more versatile than you ever knew. That especially holds true with one bearing the name Burberry.

That's right. Burberry, the very same upscale brand that invented the trench coat and transformed umbrellas into a must-have style accessory, has just released a doozy of a two-strap carryall that will make you the envy of any gym, waiting room, or jam-packed escalator.

The first thing you'll notice is the striking color. The designers have opted for the very same deep red shade that's popping up everywhere in menswear right now—John Varvatos's striking new leather jacket comes to mind—and paired it with deep mahogany straps and burnished silver buckles. It's functional, too—with two commodious pockets, indestructible zippers, and a back padding as plush as a pillow-topped mattress. And naturally, since it's Burberry, expect it to be totally waterproof.

Only one question remains: Are you gonna one-strap or two-strap this thing?

burberry rucksack

The Large Rucksack in Water-repellent Leather

$1,995; buy now at

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