Enter to Win Brooks Brothers' Vacation Essentials, Valued at $1,000!

Conquer the long weekends and Summer Fridays in style.

brooks brothers windbreaker half-zip and chinos

Everyone knows that summer is the time to kick back and relax. Between the long weekends and the Summer Fridays, you'll likely find yourself heading out of town at least once. The only question: what to wear?

Well, wonder no longer! We've teamed up with Brooks Brothers—yes, the very same one that dresses presidents and movie stars—to give away a versatile, stylish look fit for any summer vacation. (Total value: $1,000!) It'll get you there and back again, and withstand any and all conditions—even the most brutal airplane air conditioning. To make it yours, all you have to do is enter your email below. One lucky winner gets the whole thing.

brooks brothers windbreaker half-zip and chinos

The centerpiece of the look is a sumptuous, super-soft half-zip pullover. It's made out of Supima cotton, a rare type of cotton that has longer, stronger fibers than the traditional stuff. What that means for you: it's far more breathable than most cotton clothes, and will keep you cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather. In other words, it's the perfect travel garment. (Underneath, you'll find a tee made out of the same superior stuff. The chinos on bottom are, too.)

On top, it's a do-it-all nylon jacket. Made out of a high-performance fabric, it'll stand strong against anything Mother Nature whips up. And it's complemented by the ideal vacation shoe: plush as a pillow, for long walks, yet stylish enough—in supple suede—to turn heads at light-speed. Oh, and there's also a baseball cap—because no vacation outfit is truly complete without one, really.

Finally, tying the whole look together is a virtually bottomless, endlessly stylish canvas tote. Just toss your stuff in and go! Hey, that's what easy vacationing is all about, right?

Enter your name and email in the form below for a chance to win:

Product details: Nylon Jacket, $368; Supima Cotton Half-Zip Sweater (in orange), $108; Supima Cotton Crewneck Undershirt (three pack), $39.50; Clark Fit Piece-Dyed Supima Cotton Stretch Chinos (in oatmeal), $118; Baseball Cap (in blue), $28; Woven Stretch Belt (in blue), $68; Red Fleece Suede Sneakers (in brown), $78; Canvas Tote (in navy), $268.

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