Best Life Picks: Original Polo Button-Down Oxford Dress Shirt, by Brooks Brothers

Give yourself an Oxford education.

If there's one thing that every guy looks great in, it's a white Oxford cloth button-down—a sartorial thoroughbred that works in every situation and with every outfit. At the office? Check. Weekend errands? You bet. On a date? Oh, definitely. (Even your girlfriend looks amazing in it.)

Thing is, not all white button-downs are created equal. Some have funky fits or weak collars. Some fall to pieces after a season. Some are even only white in name. It's why, when smart guys find that perfect one, they stick with it. Well, meet one worth sticking with: The original polo button-down Oxford dress shirt, by Brooks Brothers.

For starters, it's made out of next-level Oxford cloth. You know pima cotton? That crazy-soft fabric some of your shirts are likely made out of? Well, this fabric is made out of Supima cotton, which is pima cotton…but super (hence the name: "Su…" "pima"). And that "super" is no hyperbole: this stuff truly is gifted with higher powers. Thanks to extra-long fibers—they're an inch-and-a-half, compared to the standard one inch of regular cotton—the material is versatile in all temperatures. That means, on scorchers, you can wear the shirt and not sweat through it before you even make it to the office. It also means, when winter roles around, you'll have an extra (supremely luxurious) layer of insulation.

The shirt also fits flawlessly. No matter which of the four cuts you pick up (ordered from the slimmest to the most relaxed: Milano, Regent, Madison, and Traditional), it'll feel like a Saville Row tailor custom-made the shirt for your frame. It's tapered in such a way that it won't come randomly untucked throughout the day, no matter how much you move around. But if you prefer the untucked look in the first place, go for it! The hem lands just right—a few inches below the waste—for a natural laid-back look.

Of course, no killer button-down is complete without a killer collar—and the collar on this shirt does not disappoint. An ever-so-slight Isosceles, it'll neatly frame any necktie (as long as you tie it four-in-hand!). Or leave the collar open: it'll still stand tall and strong all day long.

And if you ever want to switch things up—if life calls for a touch more flair than a white shirt—that's an option, too. Brooks Brothers Oxfords are available in all manner of colors and patterns; you name it—soft heathered green, muted bengal stripe, bright aqua plaid—you can find it.

original polo button-down in supima cotton from brooks brothers

Original Polo Button-Down Oxford Dress Shirt, by Brooks Brothers

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