Ohio Town Throws Early Christmas for Boy with Cancer, Melts Our Hearts

We're all #TeamBrody.

Brody Allen is only two years old, and the likelihood is that he won't make it to Christmas.

Six weeks ago, his parents received the worst news possible: the little boy had a rare form of brain cancer, and only had two months to live. Faced with this tragic realization, they decided to start putting up Christmas decorations early, and soon, their neighbors in Colerain Township, Ohio, began to follow suit.

Christmas in September

ohio town throws christmas parade for terminally ill boy
Joey Felix/Team Brody/Facebook

Brody's health is rapidly deteriorating, but he still enjoys being wheeled out in his red Radio Flyer wagon, tucked up in a blanket. In the little cul-de-sac in which they live, it's Christmas, the houses around him decorated with inflatable snowmen and Santas and twinkling lights..

Social Media Support

ohio town throws parade for terminally ill boy.

After Brody's parents created a Facebook page for his story, other people in the neighborhood began donating their own decorations, as well as sending the little boy gifts and Christmas cards. Soon, he was getting messages from people all over the country.

"In his mind it is just Christmas," McKenzie Allen, Brody's sister, told The New York Times. "He woke up one day and the Christmas tree was out. He doesn't know it isn't really Christmas. He is just enjoying it."

The Parade

ohio town throws christmas parade for Brody Allen
Angie Marie/Team Brody/Facebook

On Sunday, the community took things up a notch and pulled together a full-scale Christmas Parade, including a flotilla and fireworks.

Everyone Got Involved

ohio town throws christmas parade for ill boy.
Laura Hust/Team Brody/Facebook

Many dressed up as superheroes and holiday characters for the procession, whereas others wore #TeamBrody T-shirts.

The Difference a Day Makes

ohio town throws christmas parade for sick boy.
Rhonda Dunn/Team Brody/Facebook

While exact numbers are unclear, photos and videos on social media made it clear that quite a lot of people turned up to show their support for the little boy and get involved in his Christmas celebration.

"It made his day. It made everybody's day," Todd Allen, Brody's father told WCPO. "We're grateful to everyone for coming out and giving our family a huge hug." "He was so happy," McKenzie Allen said. "It was amazing. Not just for him, but for everybody."

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