3 Perfect Breakfast Meals For Blasting Belly Fat

Including a spicier, manlier take on avocado toast.

Fact: if you want to kickstart your metabolism in the morning, restore your body's glucose levels to normal, and provide yourself with the essential energy to carry you all the way to 5 o'clock, you need to start your day with the right breakfast. But, as ABC News Nutrition & Wellness Correspondent and Best Life's very own David Zinczenko reveals in his new book, Zero Belly Breakfasts, a whopping 30 percent of Americans aren't starting their days with the most important meal of all. And when you miss it, says Zinczenko, you're also missing out on the single best way to start your day "slimmer, healthier, and more energized."

If you're among the non-breakfast-eating masses—or if you're someone who fuels up on the wrong foods at sunrise—take note. Zinczenko's book, which contains a vast trove of healthy recipes, taps a test panel of more than 500 people, some of whom lost as much as 16 pounds in just two weeks. One subject—a 39 year-old named Fred Sparks—lost 21 pounds and melted five inches off his waist in just six weeks. "I met a group of co-workers who hadn't seen me in a month," Sparks shared, "and they were all astonished."

Zinczenko recently offered a sampling of his recipes—including one seriously protein-happy take on avocado toast, a great recipe for overnight oats, and a delicious pineapple smoothie—on TV's Good Morning America:

For more details on how to pull them off, pick up your very own copy of the book right here. 

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