This Is the One Thing You'll Regret Buying on Black Friday, Study Says

It may seem like a safe bet, but you'll kick yourself for picking this up—even when it's on sale.

There may be some amazing Black Friday deals out there, but that doesn't mean all Black Friday sales are created equal. According to a new survey, there's one common Black Friday purchase that the vast majority of shoppers come to regret. Read on to discover if that supposed Black Friday deal will leave you with buyer's remorse. And if you're looking to save on your holiday shopping, This Is the Best Deal from Target's Black Friday Now Sale, Experts Say.

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According to Finder's Black Friday Shopping Report, 64 percent of Americans said they'd regretted buying a sale item. And while big-ticket electronics may have a greater effect on your bank account, the individuals polled said that clothing and shoes topped their list of purchasing regrets. The average cost of a regretful wardrobe addition? $72.02.

However, while many folks may find themselves wondering what they were thinking when looking over their Black Friday clothing haul, that's not the only purchase shoppers came to regret. Read on to discover which other Black Friday buys you should avoid this year. And if you want to avoid overspending, This One Word May Make You Spend More Money.


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Electronics and gadgets may be some of the most discounted items on Black Friday, but that doesn't mean you should necessarily go out and buy that big TV just yet. According to Finder's data, 68.5 percent of individuals polled said they regretted making an electronics or gadget purchase on sale. What's more, NerdWallet research reveals that shoppers can often get better deals on large electronics, like TVs, in January. And if you want to avoid buyer's remorse, This Is Why You Shouldn't Buy Apple AirPods This Year, Insider Says.

Food and alcohol

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Just because those expensive steaks or pricey bottles of wine may come into a more appealing on Black Friday doesn't mean you should necessarily scoop them up. A whopping 54.1 percent of Finder pollees said they'd regretted making a food or alcohol purchase on sale. And if you want to keep more of your money, This Secret Trick Will Get You the Best of Walmart's Clearance Sales.

Sporting and outdoor equipment

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Sure, you may want that set of hockey skates, but do you really need them? According to the folks polled by Finder, the answer is no: 42.3 percent said that sporting and outdoor equipment purchases were their biggest regret. And for more great shopping tips delivered to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.


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Having a well-decorated home is great. Buying a couch you only sort of wanted just because it's on sale isn't. At least that's what Finder's data found, with 37.9 percent of individuals polled admitting to having buyer's remorse over a furniture purchase.

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