Here's The Bizarre Truth or Dare Game People Can't Stop Doing—Photos

Apparently, trying to squeeze into baby swings is a thing.

viral photos of a girl who got stuck in a bunch of baby swings

A series of photos of a teen girl getting cut out of a baby swing at a playground by firefighters is going viral as a cautionary tale for intrepid Truth or Darers everywhere.

The young girl in question, who goes by @tpain_yo on Twitter, was apparently "double-dared" by her own mother to squeeze into one of the baby swings. As you can see from the photos, the attempt ended in tragedy.

The saddest thing, perhaps, is that this is apparently a thing that people do.

Back in December, a Texas teen named Melanie Solache got into a very similar predicament when her sister dared her to get into the swings, which are, to be clear, meant for the tiny chubby legs of toddlers.

In August, a 15-year-old named Kira Albus also got stuck in a baby swing set in Leicester, England.

And in May, an 11-year-old girl and her 40-year-old aunt got stuck in a pair of baby swings in England after boasting they could easily fit into them.

In all three cases, firefighters had to rush to the scene and saw the unfortunate souls out.

As much as these scenarios are funny, they are also quite dangerous. All of the victims were left with severe bruising, and cutting off blood circulation to the legs can lead to some really scary side effects. You've been warned!

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