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This genius air and surface purifier is sure to keep your whole home healthier this holiday season.

Let's face it: For all its pretty snowfall and starry nights, the winter can be a thoroughly gross time. You come home caked in salt and snow, you track mud into the house, and, inevitably, you come into contact with countless people with every type of sore throat and stomach bug out there. And while that's a harrowing enough prospect for your average healthy adult, for folks with weakened immune systems or young children, the thought of bringing those bugs home can be nothing short of terrifying.

The good news? There's a simple solution that will get your home's air and surfaces cleaner, keeping the whole family healthier along the way. BetterAir's Biotica800 is a probiotic air, surface, and object purification system that can effectively clean 800 square feet of space in one fell swoop. Unlike those potentially dangerous cleaners and wipes under the sink, the Biotica800 doesn't use any harsh chemicals or additives, meaning it's safe to use around every member of the family—babies and pets included! And because there's nothing to spray or sweep, the Biotica800 can get into spaces your normal cleaning routine can't touch, from those nooks between the bed and wall to that spot behind the couch your vacuum can't quite reach.



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And did we mention the really good news? From now through January 10, 2020, Best Life readers can get 20 percent off one of these genius systems—the perfect way to kick of a happier and healthier new year, if you ask us! Just head over to BetterAir and use code BEST20 to activate your discount!

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