Yes, a Portable AND Biodegradable Grill Exists—and It's Under $20

Say hello to your new favorite summer accessory.

Summer is the season for firing up the grill and inviting friends over to share in some charred-up deliciousness. However, if you live in an apartment building with no outdoor area or don't have the backyard space for a grill, then a BBQ can seem impossible—until now, that is.

Allow us to introduce you to the CasusGrill Disposable Grill. It's made of 100 percent natural materials and requires zero lighter fluid to get started. In fact, all you have to do to get this baby going is light its lava stones and voila: fire! The portable grill maintains a 600°F heat for more than 60 minutes, so feel free to take your time with those hot dogs and hamburgers.

CasusGrill Biodegradable Grill

Another great feature of this grill? It's biodegradable! According to the CasusGrill website, all you have to do to recycle the grill is pour some water on the charcoal and then either bury the grill in a hole in the ground or throw it in your compost pile.

It might seem like an affordable, portable, and eco-friendly grill is too good to be true, but people can't stop raving about how wonderful this genius invention is online. On Amazon, for instance, one customer wrote that they used it at their picnic and that "the food turned out delicious!" And over on World Market, another noted that it came with "simple instructions" and "even got grill marks on [their] hot dogs."

Ready to try this go-anywhere grill for yourself? Head to the Bloomingdale's website to pick one up for just $17.

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