The Exclusive Story Behind President Biden's Gift for Queen Elizabeth

The gift was Biden's "thoughtful way" of showing Her Majesty how much their meeting meant to him.

On Sunday afternoon, Queen Elizabeth invited President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, PhD—who are in town for the G7 Summit—to her home, Windsor Castle, for tea. While much has been written of the president breaching royal protocol while meeting the monarch by wearing his sunglasses, he may have made up for it with his "special gift," according to an insider.

Best Life can exclusively reveal that the president gifted Her Majesty with a specially designed rectangular, lined sterling silver box from Tiffany & Co. personalized with some very meaningful engravings.

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"President Biden gave the Queen a special gift that was his thoughtful way of expressing just how meaningful meeting Her Majesty at Windsor Castle was to him, while acknowledging just how special a place it has always been to the Queen," a source with direct knowledge of the gift told Best Life.

A detailed drawing of Windsor Castle was engraved on the top of the box with its four sides etched with flowers representing different countries of the Commonwealth.

"There was also a lengthy personal inscription inside the box commemorating the president's meeting with the Queen and expressing support for the continuation of the long-standing relationship between the United States and Britain," said the source.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (R) greets US President Joe Biden (L) and US First Lady Jill Biden (C) at the dais in the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle in Windsor, west of London, on June 13, 2021.
Chris Jackson / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

The Biden team contacted Tiffany & Co. just days before the president was set to depart for the G7 Summit, which was held in Cornwall in South West England, with a request that the sterling silver box be created in time to be presented to the Queen at the scheduled tea on Sunday.

The president and the Queen appeared to enjoy each other's company with smiles all around when they first met Friday evening at a reception for world leaders. Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall as well as Prince William and Duchess Catherine accompanied her to the gathering held at the Eden Project, an environmental and educational center in Cornwall. Later, Her Majesty cracked a joke while seated with the assembled leaders for the ceremonial photograph when she looked around and said, "Are you supposed to be looking like you're enjoying yourself?"

At Heathrow Airport, before departing for the NATO Summit in Brussels on Sunday, President Biden held a press conference where he told the assembled media that the Queen had been "very gracious." The president said he didn't think Her Majesty would mind him saying that she reminded him of his mother "in terms of the look of her and the generosity." He also revealed he had extended an invitation to Her Majesty to visit the White House.

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Diane Clehane is a New York-based journalist and author of Imagining Diana and Diana: The Secrets of Her Style.

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