The Best New Blue Blazers For Men Right Now

The most iconic coat in any closet is enjoying a style renaissance.

Some things in life a man needs exactly one of. You know: one wallet, one tool box, one hardcover of War and Peace, one wife. To have any more than that just feels wrong.

But why do so many guys think that this applies to blue blazers, too?

I understand that your blazer is the most classic item in your closet and that it pairs with basically everything—so any reluctance to buy a new one seems entirely reasonable. Well, that's until you realize that you're missing out on some major style points this season.

Want to upgrade your look instantly with cooler textures, brighter colors, sportier fits—and other great ways that top designers are driving this stuffy classic right out of it's comfort zone? Here are five excellent options—all of which pair perfectly with these 6 Luxe Topcoats That'll Make You Forget It's Winter.

The Continental Prep Blazer

$3,495; Buy now at

Count on the maestro of relaxed tailoring, Georgio Armani, to present something all new and totally eye-catching. This coat is as comfortable as a shirt, and features some very cool geometric patterns. Remember: Red pants are ballsy (but yes, they work). My advice? If you wear this jacket, keep everything else quiet and monochromatic.

The Effortless Cool Blazer

$395; Buy now at

This softly constructed textured knit blue blazer has all the comfort of your favorite sweats, but is infinitely dressier. Yes, feel free to pair it with a simple white tee. Bonus points if you also wear clean white sneakers.

The fly-anywhere blazer

$350; Buy now at

This slim fit unlined cotton blue jacket from J.Crew is one of the best easy-going classic-blazer alternatives on the market. With the oversized patch pockets to hold your gear, it may very well be the only travel blazer you will ever need.

The Cool Breeze Blazer

$1,295; Buy now at

A proper, precisely tailored electric blue blazer gets even more luxurious when it's rendered in a heavy duty silk. Throw in some relaxed white pants? Instant beach wedding uniform.

The Sporty Blazer

$798; Buy now at

Yes, sporty blue blazers aren't just for Roger Federer, and here Michael Kors delivers a durable double whammy in the form of a detachable hoodie.

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