The Best Moments from The Last Jedi's Star-Studded Premiere

The Force is strong with British Royal Family.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi doesn't hit theaters until Friday, but early reviews indicate that it's out of this world. The long-awaited sequel to The Force Awakens premiered at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Tuesday night, making for the most exciting red carpet since the Oscars. Here are some of the coolest things you might have missed. And for more movie coverage, check out the 8 Best Movies about the British Royal Family. 

BB-8 Greeting Princes William and Harry

BB-8 greets prince william and harry at star wars: last jedi premiere.

Prince William and Harry, both of whom seemed to be flying solo, came to the premiere, along with 400 guests from their charity, the Royal Foundation. The royal brothers are lifelong fans of the franchise, and will even be making cameo appearances as stormtroopers in the new film. They interacted with Mark Hamill and several other cast members on the red carpet, but the moment that really captured the Internet's heart was when BB-8 greeted the princes with an adorable little bow.

John Boyega Brought His Entire Family

john boyega family

Boyega couldn't contain his excitement at being part of the Star Wars family, so he brought his own family—all 6 of them—as guests on the red carpet. He also introduced his mom and dad in pretty much every interview. Fans thought the gesture was incredibly sweet.

Stormtroopers Invaded the Red Carpet

stormtroopers at red carpet european premier

Perhaps they functioned as a little added security, too.

Kelly Marie Tran Made Her Debut

kelly marie tran at the star wars premiere

The 28-year-old actress, who plays Rose Tico in The Last Jedi, is the first Asian-American woman to star in a Star Wars film, and fans couldn't be more excited.

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