These Are the Best and Worst Cities for Singles in 2019

Love may be just one zip code away.

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There are plenty of reasons why you may still be searching for "the one." Maybe you've been focused on your career. Maybe you've just gotten divorced and are re-entering the dating market after a long hiatus. Maybe, as recent studies indicate, you've gotten a little too picky. Or maybe, just maybe, it's your location. Yes, some cities are simply better suited for people to find their match, as Apartment List's new survey on the best and worst cities for singles reveals.

The website created a ranking of 130 American cities on the basis of four key metrics: the number of fellow singles amid the population, how affordable it was to go on a date, how satisfied people felt with the dating scene, and overall social satisfaction.

Topping the list was Atlanta, Georgia, thanks to its wide dating pool, lively social scene, and sky-high dating satisfaction rate. Rounding out the top five were Madison, Wisconsin; Washington, D.C.; Bloomington, Indiana; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, California seems like it may not be the best place for someone looking for love. Four of the five cities at the bottom of the list are located in the Golden State: San Bernardino, Bakersfield, Anaheim, and, in last place, Stockton. (Rounding out the bottom five was Fayetteville, North Carolina.) And when Best Life pulled together some data of our own in 2017 to determine the country's most dismal dating scenes, California didn't fare well then, either.

If you live in an urban area that doesn't seem to lend itself well to romance, however, don't despair. Thanks to the internet, these days finding love knows no geographic bounds.

And if you want to know where to tie the knot once you do find that special someone, check out this recent study on the most and least expensive places to get married in the U.S.

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