If You Have This Beer at Home, Throw It Out Now, Makers Warn

The makers warned that this beer could do serious damage if not disposed of properly.

There's nothing like a cold, crisp beer on a hot summer day—unless that beer turns on you quickly. Recently, a brewer recalled one of their popular beers for a very serious reason. The makers advise that you toss the beer, but that you do so very carefully, because there could be consequences if it's disposed of incorrectly. Read on to find out if you have this potentially dangerous recalled beer at home.

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Pinwheel Pineapple Gose from Wellington Brewery has just been recalled.

On July 29, Wellington Brewery released a statement that advised anyone who purchased their Pinwheel Pineapple Gose beer that it's been recalled. "During a routine quality control panel, we identified that some cans have undergone secondary fermentation, causing higher levels of CO2 in the cans, which has resulted in higher than normal internal pressure inside the cans," the statement explains. "With this increased internal can pressure, there is the risk of these cans leaking, coming apart at the seal, or potentially bursting at higher temperatures." They shared a photo of the affected beer on Instagram.

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While the beer itself is not harmful, the can could explode.

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The company noted that the beer itself is not harmful to drink. However, "if cans are stored at a higher temperature, there is the risk that they could burst." Wellington Brewery suggests that if you do have this beer at home, you keep it refrigerated at a temperature that won't cause it to burst "until you can safely dispose of it."

The beer can be purchased individually, but also as part of a variety pack.

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The affected batch of the beer is the Pinwheel Pineapple Gose packaged on June 24, 2021. The company is voluntarily recalling "Pineapple Gose – PKG Jun/24/2021 (date code printed on base of can) and "Welly Vol 10 Mix Pack – PKG Jun/03/2021 (06/03/21 – sticker on bottom of box)." If you have beer with either of those labels, make sure you tread carefully in getting rid of it.

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Wellington Brewery is offering to replace the faulty beer.

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The company is offering to replace the recalled product for consumers who have it. Anyone who bought the beer can contact [email protected] and include where and when you purchased the item in the email. Wellington Brewery went on to apologize for this inconvenience. "From everyone here at the brewery, we'd like to apologize for this … We know that you expect better from us, and we will be reviewing our packaging and quality control procedures to ensure this does not happen again. Thanks for your patience and understanding."

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