Video: The 4 Shocking Health Benefits of Beer

Yes, you can hit the pub guilt-free tonight. (Just don't overdo it.)

Boy, do we have good news for you. As it turns out, beer has a bevy of health benefits. (No, Christmas did not come early.) If you drink in moderation—that's no more than two glasses a day, fellas—you'll significantly reduce your chances of developing diabetes or kidney stones down the road. Yes, we're telling you that this magical beverage not only tastes delicious but can prevent you from enduring the most devastatingly painful thing a man can go through. Beer also contains nutrients that will increase bone density—and, of course, a slight buzz can increase a different kind of bone density, if you get what we mean. On top of that, it's also a pretty damn good recovery drink. (Who would've thought?) We'll pour a cold one and clink to that. Cheers.

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