We Found the Perfect Dupe for Beck's Star Scarf from You

This adorable star scarf looks just like the one Beck wears in You—but no Joe Goldberg in sight!

Like millions of other people, I found myself captivated by Netflix's serial killer series You. However, it wasn't the sociopathic charms of perplexingly apron-wearing bookseller Joe Goldberg that had me hooked. It was Beck's style that kept me coming back for more. The object of my own obsession? Her gray star scarf.

While the internet is replete with photos of every outfit Kim Kardashian has ever worn and places to buy them and you probably wouldn't have difficulty tracking down the exact shade of lipstick Gwen Stefani wore on her last episode of The Voice, it provided no such help when I set my mind to tracking down Beck's star scarf.

Then, in a serendipitous moment, I found the perfect dupe. The good folks at Pudus—a company beloved for their warm socks and cozy winter gear—reached out to me, letting me know the scarf of my dreams would soon be arriving.

young white woman wearing gray star scarf

When I opened the package, I was elated. Pudus' blanket star scarf is an amazing dupe for the one Beck wears, but it's bigger, reversible, and just about the softest thing I've ever felt. Better yet, despite having a cashmere-like feel, it's 100 percent acrylic, meaning it's cruelty-free and easily washed. I popped mine in the washing machine on cold, put it on a rack to dry, and it looks perfect—not a thread out of place.

If you want to replicate Beck's style for yourself (minus the murdery boyfriend, of course), you can head over to Amazon, where this must-have accessory is available for $50.

pudus gray star scarf


$50 at Amazon
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