The 15 Most Beautiful Spokesmodels on TV

You don’t know their names, but they've already raided your wallet.

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    If life, as Ryan Reynolds described it in Deadpool, is just a series of train wrecks interrupted by commercial breaks of happiness, then we've found the commercials you'll want to get stuck in. Forget getting trapped in a car ad. It's far better to romp on a bed with the Viagra gal or destroy a bacon burger with the bombshell from Carl's Jr. We know what these spokesmodels are hawking, and we know that they set our TVs on fire—but who the hell are they, and how can you see more of them? Well, read on and find out—no purchase necessary. And while you're at it, be sure to check out the Instagram goddesses who want you to celebrate spring.

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    Tish Graves-Dawkins

    What She's Selling: Viagra Rocking a deep blue dress, lounging on the bed, and speaking in a voice that's both smart and sexy, you might not even notice that she's talking about erectile dysfunction. She's been acting since at least the late '90s, popping up in films like Mob Rules and I Really Hate My Ex. But her most convincing performance has to be as one of the Viagra spokesmodels, swinging her hair in front of the mirror and getting ready for a date night we wish was with us. If Graves-Dawkins can't convince you to buy Viagra but you still want to rev your engine, read up on the 10 best everyday sex boosts for men.

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    Chelsea Salmon

    What She's Selling: Carl's Jr. Some very beautiful spokesmodels have helped to sell some less-than-nutritious food. Exhibit A: This incredibly hot model who's mesmerizing as she eats a Grilled Cheese Bacon Six Dollar Burger. She's also appeared in the pages of Sports Illustrated and an episode of Entourage, though we'd like to see her in much more.

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    Jana Kramer

    What She's Selling: Nationwide Her character—a hot spy selling insurance—may be basically a rip-off of Erin Esurance, but who cares about originality when she looks like that in a full-body leather getup, sneaking through houses and repelling off buildings. Besides her stint as an insurance superhero, Kramer has been in plenty of TV and film projects, including a main role in the final three seasons of One Tree Hill and regular appearances in Friday Night Lights.

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    Holly Lynch

    What She's Selling: State Farm Insurance companies sure know how to pick their spokesmodels. Playing the nerdy-but-secretly-sexy "Girl from 4E," this Los Angeles native might be better known for playing the "wonderland" in John Mayer's steamy video for "Your Body is a Wonderland" (no surprise that she bears a slight resemblance to Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom Mayer wrote the song for).

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    Rachelle Goulding

    What She's Selling: Axe Appearing as the hottest shot putter you've ever seen in the Axe commercial, this model hails from Vancouver, British Columbia (with heritage that blends Filipino, Spanish, and English). Besides Axe, she's done campaigns for Nivea, Olay, and Vidal Sassoon, and got some tabloid as Chace Crawford's girlfriend. If you're trying to think of a way to win her over, think animals—her Instagram is full of pictures of her pug, Lola, and pics of horses, hedgehogs, and more. Incidentally, this is also one of the ways Prince Harry won over Meghan.

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    Jana Perez

    What She's Selling: Häagen-Dazs We'd happily give up a pint of ice cream if it puts a smile on the face of this brunette from Barcelona. Besides tricking Bradley Cooper out of his Häagen-Dazs, she's also played a princess competing for Prince Charming's affections in the recent Cinderella remake. Who needs glass slippers when you're as cute as Perez?

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    Carla Ossa

    What She's Selling: Cato Fashions This stunning Colombian model has been modeling clothes since she was a kid (taking some time off in her tween years before returning as an adult). She's been a cover girl on magazines throughout South America and modeled for fashion labels like Magram, Metrostyle, and Venus Swimwear (as well as non-clothing brands like Nair and Burger King).

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    Carly Foulkes

    What She's Selling: T-Mobile Wearing pink summer dresses (and occasionally full-body leather outfits), this Canadian twenty-something was the beautiful face of T-Mobile 4G (even though she used the Canadian, rather than the American pronunciation of "mobile" during her audition), taking over for the tough-to-replace Catherine Zeta-Jones, a legend among spokesmodels. In interviews, Foulkes has revealed that she's more of a tomboy that she appears: She's both a fan of PlayStation and a pretty decent skateboarder. Between Foulkes and Vayntrub, we wouldn't blame you for being addicted to your phone—but if you're looking to conquer it, be sure to learn the 11 easiest ways to overcome your smartphone addiction.

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    Catrinel Menghia

    What She's Selling: Fiat This most stunning of spokesmodels may be the face of the definitive Italian luxury car (and can speak the language at a mile a minute), but she's actually from Romania, and got her start acting in a music video for Romanian metal band Krypton. That Abarth scorpion tattoo is not real, but she is a bit of a bad girl, who told Ask Men that she makes out with her fellow models and owns "everything you can find in a sex shop." Go take a cold shower.

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    Paige Spara

    What She's Selling: Forevermark Diamonds We don't know much about this actress, outside of the fact that she hails from Washington, Pennsylvania, and, from what she posts on Instagram, she likes to travel. But judging by how much she seems to enjoy a walk on a beach and dancing at a wedding, she definitely seems like someone worth splurging for a diamond.

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    C.C. Sheffield

    What She's Selling: Best Buy She's barely a flash in this ad, but she makes a big impression. She's popped up in shows like True Blood and with Bill Murray in the film A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, but her one-second performance as the hottest member of the Geek Squad is a tough performance to top. But she's not just a pretty face: Acting is just a side gig. Her primary work is as a singer-songwriter, including co-writing the Deadmau5 song "Raise Your Weapon" with Skrillex, which earned her a Grammy nomination.

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    Brianne Howey

    What She's Selling: Sprint "Why?" That's the line that made this blonde bombshell famous (as far as a commercial can make you famous, that is). Howey played a ridiculously rich—taking a sports car on the tarmac rich—wife in a Sprint ad. She's also had stints in Horrible Bosses 2 and a pattering of TV shows, from Twisted to Red Scare to the aptly named I Live With Models. Is she an effective spokesmodel? Well, why not?

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    Katie Savoy

    What She's Selling: McDonald's This Boston-born model/actress doesn't strike us as the kind of girl who downs 20-piece McNuggets all that often, but she sure can sell them. Besides hawking McDonald's, you've probably seen her on a TV show or two, with appearances in NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, and main roles in series like Sequestered and Living with Models (a subject she no doubt knows a few things about).

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    Milana Vayntrub

    What She's Selling: AT&T Better known as Lily, the perky and helpful AT&T girl, Vayntrub is adorably geeky in her khaki pants and blue collared shirt. But even more impressive than her knowledge of mobile packages: She came to the U.S. as a political refugee from the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (now known as the Republic of Uzbekistan) whose family had been persecuted for its Judaism. She's been acting since she was five, in everything from Barbie commercials to episodes of ER.

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    Kate Upton

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