Meet the Tiny Place in Scotland That's Quietly One of the World's Best Restaurants

It's not just about the food. It's about the atmosphere.

When people travel, they often seek out fine dining establishments that are famously difficult to get into. But if you're looking for an incredible food experience that doesn't require getting reservations months in advance (or cutlery, for that matter), you might want to head to a simple fish and chips shop located in the picturesque town of Stonehaven Beach in northeastern Scotland.

Lonely Planet recently released a book called Ultimate Eats, in which they have listed 500 culinary experiences around the world that will appeal most to those, who—like Anthony Bourdain—seek to learn about a culture through its cuisine.

"We asked the planet's top chefs, food writers and our food-obsessed authors to name their favorite, most authentic gastronomic encounters—and this is the result!," the book's official description reads.

The guide is unique in that it features places that aren't fancy so much as frequented by locals, which savvy travelers know is where the most authentic food is often found. Their top culinary experience included eating pintxos (Basque tapas) in San Sebastián, Spain, followed by slurping curry laksa in the hawker stalls of Madras Lane in Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur, and making your own sushi  at places like Manten Sushi Marunouchi and Jūzō Sushi in Tokyo, Japan.

But the eatery getting the most buzz on social media is actually The Bay Fish and Chips—a small shop in Stonehaven Beach, Scotland, which offers takeaway fish and chips (along with some burger and sausage options), for prices as low as £6.00 ($7.63). The secret to the seafront shop's success is their passion locally-sourced, sustainable seafood, and since opening in 2006, they have not only become a staple of the community and won numerous awards, such as the UK's Best Independent Takeaway at the 2013 National Fish and Chip awards.

And for another restaurant worth the price of the plane ticket alone, Meet the New Top-Rated Restaurant in the World.

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