If You Have This Battery in Your Home, You're at Risk of a Fire

The company behind the battery has already received five reports of fires.

Batteries are one of those household objects that people tend to put in their beloved electronics and then forget about entirely. But one particular battery is proving dangerous, and could potentially cause a fire in your home, according to recent reports. Read on to find out which battery there's a new recall on, and for more potentially dangerous products to be aware of, check out If You Bought This From Walmart, Get Rid of It Right Now.

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The recalled batteries are used in solar energy systems.

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Battery manufacturer LG Chem has issued a voluntary recall of some of its Resu 10H residential battery products after concerns arose about the product's fire safety, Bloomberg reports. The Resu 10H is a common component in solar energy systems, a rapidly growing part of the domestic energy market.

There have been five reports of fires.

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The safety issues were outlined in a leaked letter written by Peter Gibson, head of LG Chem's North American energy storage business, that details that cells within the batteries were at risk of overheating to the point of causing fires.

"LG Chem has received five reports of thermal events in the United States causing limited property damage," the letter explains, according to Green Tech Media. "There have been no reported injuries. LG Chem is undertaking this voluntary action as part of its continued commitment to product safety and to providing the highest quality and service to its customers."

The affected units were manufactured in 2017 and 2018. And for another risky product you could have at home, check out If You Have This Popular Device at Home, You're at Risk of a Fire.

A particular brand of solar energy systems uses the battery in question.

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Residential solar energy provider Sunrun, whose products had been installed in 13,000 homes as of November, is one of the most commonplace storage systems using LG Chem's Resu battery. The recall, which has not been officially announced, is believed to apply to around 5 percent of Sunrun's BrightBox rechargeable solar energy installations.

Customers with one of the affected units will receive a free replacement. "We have already started proactively replacing batteries impacted by the recall and have credited customers for the brief downtime," Sunrun said in a statement to Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, "the recall comes as solar installers are offering batteries as part of their systems. Many homeowners want backup power to keep lights on during outages amid hurricanes, extreme heat or the threat of wildfires." And for more up-to-date information on how to stay safe every day, sign up for our daily newsletter.

The company's batteries were tied to an explosion in 2019.

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LG Chem also supplied batteries to an energy storage facility owned by Arizona Public Service that exploded last year and caused several injuries. LG disputed the findings that the fire was caused by a defective battery cell. And for more fire hazards to know about, check out This Common Household Item Has Been Recalled Over Fire Risk.

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