This Video of a Ballet Dancer Pirouetting Across Antarctica Is Too Stunning for Words

Meet Madeleine Graham, the fairytale star of "Antarctica: The First Dance."

This Video of a Ballet Dancer Pirouetting Across Antarctica Is Too Stunning for Words

Remember back in February when David Harbour of Stranger Things did the infamous Hopper Dance with penguins in Antarctica and taught all of us about the importance of saving the environment? Well, now another kind of dance on the Frozen Continent is going viral, though, granted, this one is a little more majestic than the Hop Bob.

New Zealand choreographer Corey Baker partnered with Australian dancer Madeleine Graham from the Royal New Zealand Ballet to create the first dance video in Antarctica. Baker first came up with the idea for Antarctica: The First Dance three years ago, but it wasn't until February that he could bring his vision to life.

"I've always thought of it as a fairytale, this magical place," Baker told Newshub.

But the video, released on Earth Day, isn't simply a celebration of the majesty of nature and the human form, it's also a warning on the perils of climate change. In the time that it takes to watch the four-and-a-half minute video, 860,000 tons of Antarctic ice will melt.

"It's a bit daunting. Climate change can be a scary, even boring subject for people—so to get people to watch a dance film that's beautiful and celebrates Antarctica was my key job," he said.

Filming in the coldest climate on Earth, wasn't as effortless as Baker makes it appear in the video.

"We could only ever do 10 to 20 seconds at a time. We'd need to put coats on, warm Madeleine and everyone else up, re-stage, re-do, and film again," Baker said.

During the 12 day shoot, the professional ballerina had to really rough it, climbing mountains, camping, and even peeing in buckets. It's like The Revenant: Ballet Edition. Not to mention most of the choreography had to be devised on set, taking into account the elements.

"Sometimes the snow was impossible to dance on top off as our feet would go straight through it," Baker told BuzzFeed. "We also had to undergo 'survival training' when we landed, which involved camping in tents and building an igloo kitchen."

While the shoot may have been a grueling creative and physical challenge, the resulting video, which you can see in full below, is nothing short of a true work of art. And for more amazing videos, see how This Enormous Lion Getting a CAT Scan Will Melt Your Heart.

To see more photos of ballerinas in the snow, check out these otherworldly images of a ballerina in -40 degree weather in Irkutsk, Russia.

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