10 Awful Quarantine Haircuts By Significant Others

Not everyone can get the handle of clippers. Here are some of the worst haircuts we've seen from quarantine.

If your hair has crossed the line from free-spirited long locks to a tangled mess, you may be thinking about letting your partner try their hand at hairdressing. But a simple haircut can quickly turn into a serious trust exercise. And unfortunately, not everyone is skilled with a scissor—in some cases, that trust is betrayed… badly. While these partners had great intentions when they started cutting their significant others' hair, the outcomes were less than ideal. Luckily the only person who has to look at these messed up haircuts is the one responsible for the lousy 'do. Read on for some of the worst quarantine haircuts we've seen.

1. This fade gone amuck

Twitter user @badgirlkiki seemed to go trimmer-happy with her husband's haircut. At least you can't see the back of people's heads on Zoom calls.

2. This mess of mop

wife gives husband bad haircut in quarantine, shared on Reddit

One Reddit user was brave enough to put his head through a trash bag, fasten it with a chip clip, and buckle up for a truly wild ride. "I'm reluctant to call what my wife did to me a haircut. But here it is," he joked. "Well done, wife—another string to your bow."

3. This first attempt fail

After seeing another Twitter user share her impressive beginner's luck on her husband's locks, a woman named Darla decided to give it a go. But the results definitely left something to be desired. And for more tips for couples quarantining together, check out 9 Relationship Tips for Couples in Quarantine, According to an Expert.

4. This blasphemous bowl cut

Laura Laser probably figured that cutting her husband's hair wouldn't be so hard. But by the looks of this salt-and-pepper bowl cut, she certainly struggled. After the disastrous 'do was complete, she tweeted a warning: "Do NOT cut your husbands hair. No matter how much he begs you. Nothing good can happen."

5. This hack job


Eric Sterite put his faith in his wife, Ali Hinsberger-Sterite, but this #coronacut was a real struggle. They accidentally had the wrong attachment on the clippers, but once they rectified that styling mistake, Ali was able to make it right, as this video proves.

6.  This professional golfer's worst nightmare

Actress Jena Sims gave her boyfriend, professional golfer Brooks Koepka, a truly terribly haircut, which she documented on her Instagram story. Luckily the couple found humor in it and was able to laugh it off. However, we're pretty sure Sims isn't going to be allowed anywhere near Koepka's cherished mustache. And for more laughter in these dark times, check out The Internet Is Churning Out Coronavirus Memes to Help Ease Your Anxiety.

7. This trim turned chop

In the middle of cutting her hair for the first time, YouTuber Tara Courtené's husband admitted, "So I kind of messed up," which pretty much sums up this whole haircutting experience—as does her face. Poor Tara.

8. This sheer tragedy

@emilyy.nicholeeI really messed up 😭 ##DecadesofHair ##tigerking ##distancedance ##quarantine ##fyp ##foryoupage ##smallgestures♬ original sound – emilyy.nicholee

In the middle of TikToker @emilyy.nicholee giving her boyfriend a haircut, the buzzers died. She tried to finish the job with a pair of office scissors, which only made things worse—so much worse. And for more funny TikToks from quarantine, check out 18 Quarantine TikToks That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile.

9. This uneven haircut

At first glance, Twitter user @_hellomariaa's hair may look decent enough, but as she zooms in on the mirror, it becomes abundantly clear that her hair is hardly even, which is certainly not what anyone wants to see. At least the couple got a good laugh out of the mishap!

10. This Dumb and Dumber 'do

This haircut may look familiar to you if you've ever seen Dumb and Dumber. Truck driver Josh Bringedahl, said that his wife, Rachel, seemed "really confident" about giving him a haircut, despite never having cut hair before in her life. With proper haircutting kits sold out online, they decided to use a beard trimmer and kitchen scissors, which might have resulted in the most hilariously bad quarantine haircut of all.

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