60 Percent of People Won't Date Someone Who's Bad at This, Research Shows

If you're guilty of road rage, you're probably driving matches away.

When you're in the dating game, it can feel like your every move is being analyzed. Potential partners are looking at how you dress, how you talk, and how you interact with the world to see if they think you're compatible. Generally, they're looking for your habits to coexist in harmony with theirs. But it turns out, there's one factor that tends to be a significant point of contention with couples: driving. Whether it be for safety reasons or because it shows an unsavory side of someone's personality, in a new survey, nearly 60 percent of people said they would not date a bad driver.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Christian Brothers Automotive, found that 56 percent of the 2,000 American drivers surveyed said they would not date an unsafe driver. On top of that, bad driving can also split up a couple. The survey showed that nearly a fifth of respondents, 18 percent, said they have ended a relationship due to their partner's questionable driving habits.

While breaking a heart over breaking the rules of the road may seem superficial to some, the majority of people believe that treacherous driving is an indicator of other character flaws. The survey found that 78 percent of respondents maintain that how a person drives says a lot about their personality. After all, if your partner is taking dangerous risks on the road, it may signal that they would act similarly in other areas of life. Additionally, if your significant other is careless enough to put your life at risk in the car, it puts their virtue in question.

Respondents of the survey agreed that there are a handful of driving patterns that are particularly concerning. To find out the top 10 driving red flags, according to 2,000 Americans, read on. And to learn about what dealbreaker matters most to guys, check out This Is the Biggest Dealbreaker for Men, Study Says.

Singing while driving

Woman singing in the car

18 percent

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Unnecessary high beam use

Couple driving at night

25 percent

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Talking constantly while driving

Man annoyed at driving girlfriend

29 percent

One hand on the wheel

One hand on steering wheel

29 percent

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Not using the car's turn signal when turning

Couple arguing in car

38 percent

Excessive horn honking

Honking horn in car

38 percent

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Yelling at other drivers

Woman with road rage yelling at other drivers

43 percent

Leaving inadequate following distance on the highway

Couple fighting about bad driving

44 percent

Cutting off other cars in traffic

Man ebing a bad driver girlfriend freaking out

54 percent

Excessive speeding

Woman speeding driving car

61 percent

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