The Baby Yoda Sipping Soup Meme Is the New Kermit Sipping Tea

The breakout star of The Mandalorian is the new embodiment of online judgement with this soup-sipping meme.

If you've spent any time on social media in recent years, you've probably seen the meme of Kermit the Frog sipping tea. It's typically used after a passive-aggressive comment, as if to mean, "Yeah, I said it, but it's none of my business." The meme spawned thousands of iterations, and made the phrase "sipping tea" internet slang for insulting someone subtly. But now, Kermit has been replaced with a new emblem of online judgement. We give you, the Baby Yoda sipping soup meme.

Like Kermit and his mug of tea, the Baby Yoda sipping soup meme has the range to cover a plethora of experiences in which you might question someone's choices but not want to get personally involved. Like, for example, sipping soup while a petty argument unfolds over your family's holiday dinner.

Or drinking coffee while your kids tear open their presents on Christmas morning as you quietly praise the heavens that another holiday season is almost done.

Or slurping back wine as you settle in for a comfy night on the couch while your roommate heads to a nightclub when it's 25 degrees out.

You can even use it on yourself. Who among us hasn't looked in the bathroom mirror and seen this facial expression staring back at us? Just me? OK, then.

So feel free to turn to Baby Yoda for all of your soup-sipping needs. And Kermit, we thank you for your service. And for a handy explainer on another recent meme, read Here's What "OK, Boomer" Means, According to a Media Expert.

Diana Bruk
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