Newspaper Helps Coronavirus Toilet Paper Shortage, Prints Extra Pages

The potential pandemic has led to a toilet paper problem, but this Australian newspaper came to the rescue.

Australian newspaper NT News has printed a special eight-page "liftout" of toilet newspaper while its readers panic-buy toilet paper caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Yes, you read that right.

The Twitter account for NT News published a short video showing off the creative solution, with the simple all-caps caption "YES. WE ACTUALLY DID PRINT IT."

The potential coronavirus outbreak has led to a panicked rush for toilet paper in Australia's Northern Territory. So the local paper printed out eight pages of newsprint specifically designed for their readers to use for, well, personal hygiene.

The NT News toilet paper stunt may have solved one pressing issue in Northern Territory, but they may have also created another one. Newspaper is not intended to be used as toilet paper for an extended period of time—as a relevant post on eHow points out, "frequently flushing helps prevent pipe clogs."

Of course, plenty of readers appreciated the effort and levity during such a panicked time.

And they came with jokes.

Insert your own "the newspaper business is in the toilet" joke here.

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