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20 Romantic At-Home Date Night Ideas For Everyone

Staying in never sounded so good.

Any true homebody can relate to not wanting to leave the house after a stressful day or week. Sometimes, there's nothing better than staying in and snuggling up with your significant other, basking in the comfort and simplicity of your own space and getting to focus on nothing other than your relationship.

There's also something especially relaxing about not having to worry about making plans to "go out." But since having a regular date night is still important, we've rounded up some easy, at-home date night ideas that are the perfect added dose of romance to your regular routine. If you've agreed to spend a night in, these fun ideas are a great way to bond and reconnect—all without leaving your comfy abode.

Romantic at-home date night ideas for you to try

couple eating chinese food and wine on couch, best at-home date night ideas

1. Cook a fancy meal

Put on some romantic tunes and get comfortable in the kitchen by making a delicious meal together. Whether you chose to use a service like Home Chef to deliver all the ingredients or whip up something using items you already have on hand, you'll appreciate the meal even more knowing you made it together. Plus, you get to save all the leftovers, so it's even better than hitting up an expensive fancy restaurant. Dress up to make it feel like a real occasion.

2. Have a picnic on the floor

At-home date night calls for changing things up a bit, so why not get creative and enjoy a picnic in your very own living room? Lay down a blanket and nosh on small picnic bites like fresh fruit, cheese, and nuts. Don't forget the wine.

3. Go stargazing the backyard

Stargazing is a free activity that's oh so romantic. On a clear night, lay out a blanket in the backyard and snuggle up with your partner for a sweet way to enjoy the fresh air and each other's undivided company and attention.

4. Create your own at-home pizza parlor

Who will make the prettiest pizza? Have a little extra fun in the kitchen kneading and flipping dough into your very own yummy, gourmet pizzas topped with whatever you both like. Make one big pizza or two separate individual pizzas and decide whose is best.

5. Take online personality tests

Cozy up on the couch with a computer and learn more about one another through online personality tests. Do you know what your partner's love language is? What about his Myers-Briggs personality type? These fun questionnaire tests will get you talking, and since you know your significant other best, you can tell if you think their results are accurate.

6. Camp out in the living room

Set up a tent or some sleeping bags in the living room and cozy up with your beau. You can watch a movie on your laptop or just tell stories. Complete the at-home date night with some indoor s'mores made in the oven or a cast-iron skillet for a delectable way to spend the evening in.

7. Go through old photos

A good trip down memory lane is a perfect way to reconnect and bring up some old memories of the two of you. Shared experiences bond people, so pour yourselves a glass of wine and cue the nostalgia.

8. Have an ice cream sundae night

Pick up a few cartons of you and your partner's favorite ice cream flavors and then go to town creating the most delicious ice cream sundaes. Don't forget to load up on toppings and indulge a little.

9. Make an at-home spa

The perfect excuse for lounging around in plush robes, lighting a few candles, then turning up the romance by giving each other massages or enjoying a nice bath. Try one of these easy DIY foot scrub recipes and give each other relaxing foot massages.

10. Do a craft together

Craft time isn't just for the kids. Try these cute scrabble tile coasters from Simply Darling, or make a collage with a few of your favorite old photos.

11. Have a video game night

It's game on thanks to a little friendly competition from your favorite video games. Grab a controller and playfully challenge your partner to a game. You can up the ante by having the winner get to choose what you do in bed later.

12. Make a pillow fort

Embrace your inner kid and make a blanket and pillow fort with your spouse or partner. Need we say more?

13. Have movie marathon

If you've got a whole day, post up in bed and pick a movie series to watch all at once. Whether you opt for all seven Harry Potter movies or all of the Avengers, pop up some popcorn and let yourselves enjoy hours upon hours of uninterrupted movie time. It's so much better than a tired dinner and a movie date night.

14. Eat by candlelight

Order take-out but add some extra romance by eating it by candlelight. It instantly enhances the mood and will make you feel like you've gotten away.

15. Put a puzzle together

Team up on an epic puzzle and try to put it together in one night. Try your luck at one with more than a thousand pieces and see how far you can get.

16. Do a board game night

Pick a classic board game or be adventurous and go for one that's made specifically with couples in mind, and get to know your partner on a whole new level.

17. Slow dance in the living room

Bring on the romance by turning up the tunes, getting dressed up, and dancing with your partner. It's an excuse to get close and reconnect on a flirty, physical level.

18. Make your own paint and sip

DIY your own paint and sip experience in the comfort of your home by setting up some easels and grabbing a few paintbrushes of your own. Paint a photo of a place that holds significance to you both, or try to recreate your favorite photo of each other. It doesn't have to turn out perfectly, it's the process that's the most fun.

19. Have an outdoor movie night

Set up a projector in the backyard with some comfy blankets and pillows to create your very own outdoor movie theater. Then snuggle up under the stars and watch your favorite flick.

20. Tackle a home improvement project together

Turn what might have ordinarily been a chore into a date night adventure by working with your partner to finish a home improvement project you've been meaning to get to. From painting to laying down tile, there are small projects you can get done in just one evening, and it will mean more if you do it together.

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