This Is Who's Transmitting 40 Percent of Coronavirus Cases, CDC Says

A lot of people are contagious without even knowing it—and they're passing COVID-19 on.

A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals interesting new data about how coronavirus is being transmitted. It turns out, individuals with coronavirus who don't have symptoms may be the most dangerous of all. According to the CDC's report, 35 percent of all patients with the coronavirus show no symptoms. The CDC also estimates that 40 percent of all coronavirus transmissions—that is, the passing of the contagion from one person to another—happens from people who show no symptoms, either because they're asymptomatic or because they're pre-symtomatic (meaning their symptoms have not yet popped up).

This reaffirms the notion that, even if you're feeling healthy, you should still abide by social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines put forth by the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

The CDC also updated its current "best estimate" regarding mortality rate, saying that 0.4 percent of people who are symptomatic of the coronavirus will die, which is much lower than what was initially projected. The agency says its estimates are based on data collected before Apr. 29 and that most of the estimates will continue to evolve and change as more reliable data emerges.

As much of the country begins a cautious and phased approach to reopening, a debate has started over the merits of social distancing and mask-wearing to continue the abatement of the coronavirus outbreak. While there is encouraging news about therapeutic drugs and a coronavirus vaccine, nothing materially has changed in regards to beating COVID-19, the outbreak of which has abated largely due to social distancing. And for more on what's to come, check out Here's How the Second Wave of Coronavirus Could Be Even Worse.

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