This Little Boy's Photo Shoot With His Baby Doll Is Just Too Cute for Words

Here's how to go viral with a smile!

boy with baby doll photoshoot

As a professional photographer, Ashley Fitz, 29, of Shelbyville, Indiana, is pretty accustomed to taking photos of parents with their babies. So when her 4-year-old son, Jynsen, recently requested a photo shoot with his own "baby"—a doll named Three—she was only happy to do it.

little boy baby doll photoshoot
Courtesy of Ashley Mae Photography

Jynsen picked the doll out himself while her husband, who is in the military, was deployed last year.

"I took Jynsen to Walmart and he went over to the doll section and picked out the dark-skinned baby," Fitz told Best Life. "And then he picked out a stroller."

little boy baby doll photoshoot
Courtesy of Courtesy of Ashley Mae Photography

She suspects he named his new bundle of joy Three only because he was three at the time—though she also noted that the number biblically represents divine wholeness, which seems fitting for a story this wholesome.

little boy baby doll photoshoot
Courtesy of Ashley Mae Photography

Fitz posted photos from the shoot on her professional Facebook page on September 24th, and they went viral, gaining more than 125,000 likes and over 32,000 shares in less than one week. Most people loved the photos and praised Fitz for raising a caring little boy who doesn't see color.

little boy baby doll photoshoot
Courtesy of Ashley Mae Photography

"These pictures are stunning," one Facebook user wrote. "Your son is beautiful inside and out and the light that shines from him is radiant. He's going to be a great person as he matures. Great job mommy."

Wow, guys I didnt expect all of this! Thank you for all of your kind words, and support of Jynsen, and Three. If you're…

Posted by Ashley Mae Photography LLC on Saturday, September 28, 2019

Naturally, however, there were some critics who espoused the outdated notion that boys shouldn't play with dolls, which Fitz thinks is ridiculous.

"I have three boys, and all of them have played with dolls," she said. "I do not think that playing with the doll will, as some people have said, 'make him gay.' I think it's going to make him caring and loving and nurturing and a great dad someday."

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