Artist Turns Tree into a Magical Free Library, Goes Viral

It looks like something straight out of Narnia.

artist makes little free library out of tree

There are more than 75,000 registered Little Free Library boxes all over the world, and these cozy homes for books that are available to anyone never fail to give one a sense of childlike wonder. But this new little free library that artist Sharalee Armitage Howard created herself out of a century-old cottonwood tree stump outside her home in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, is straight out of a fairytale.

Howard told local TV station KREM that she had to remove the ancient tree after its core began to rot and the falling branches started to endanger cars and passerby. But instead of destroying it, she repurposed the tree and turned it into something wonderful that everyone in the neighborhood can enjoy. It includes steps, interior and exterior lights, and titled, wooden books on the dental molding above the swinging glass door.

Howard shared a photo of the project back when it was still a work in progress on her Facebook page, and it quickly went viral, getting over 75,000 shares in under two weeks.

The photo of her standing next to it in the snow in front of her house also got a lot of love because it looks like it was taken in Narnia.

Howard has officially been registered as a Little Free Library charter member, so you should see her library pop on their world map any day now! And for more fun stories this holiday season, don't mist this hilarious, viral tweet warning people about the "wet bandits" who are on the loose in your neighborhood!

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