Ana de Armas Gets Included in the "New York Times" Crossword Puzzle

Knives Out star Ana de Armas is now among the rankings of Hollywood's elite as a crossword clue.

There are certain markers for celebrities that they've "made it"—appearing on a late-night talk show, having a billboard in New York's Times Square, getting nominated for a prestigious award, and being famous enough to be a clue in the highly regarded Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle. Well, in that case, Hollywood it girl Ana de Armas has made it. On Sunday, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Knives Out director Rian Johnson tweeted at De Armas to let her know that she had been featured in the Sunday Times crossword as "actress de Armas of Knives Out."

"This is a big deal," he wrote. De Armas agreed, retweeting him and writing, "I have arrived."

It's just the latest indication that De Armas is one of the biggest rising stars of 2020.

De Armas earned a Golden Globe nomination for her performance as Marta Cabrera in 2019's Knives Out, Johnson's critically acclaimed crime thriller. But she initially wanted to turn down the role because Marta was described as a "pretty Latin caretaker," and the Cuban actress didn't want to contribute to negative Latinx stereotypes. After reading the script, she changed her mind, and Johnson gave her plenty of room to give the role the nuance that earned her so much praise. "I had so much to play with," De Armas told the Los Angeles Times in late 2019. "Rian gave me all the tools to make it work."

Interestingly enough, Johnson was equally hesitant and then taken with De Armas. "The first thing I did was google Ana and of course all these crazy glamorous shots of her come up and it looked like the exact opposite of what I imagined for the character. But then I met her and knew that she was right," Johnson told the Associated Press in November. "She's got those Audrey Hepburn eyes and you're instantly on her side when you see them through the camera."

Currently, De Armas is in New Orleans with Ben Affleck filming Deep Water, an erotic thriller about a wealthy married couple whose relationship starts yielding a mysterious amount of dead bodies. Next up, on Apr. 8, she'll be hitting the big screen as the new Bond girl in No Time to Die, Daniel Craig's last 007 film. She's also starring as Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming Netflix biopic Blonde, which does not yet have a release date but is sure to make waves when it debuts.

Confident as she is talented, De Armas knows she's about to make it big this year. "2020 is the year for my break," she told the AP. Sure seems like it!

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