Ana de Armas Instagrams from New Orleans While Filming "Deep Water"

The 31-year-old actress is currently in New Orleans shooting the erotic thriller with Ben Affleck.

On Thursday, Hollywood it girl Ana de Armas, 31, posted photos on Instagram from New Orleans, where she's shooting Deep Water, an upcoming erotic thriller with Ben Affleck, 47. According to the Daily Mail, Affleck and De Armas were recently seen joking around in between takes while filming in the French Quarter. But it looks like De Armas, one of 2020's fastest rising stars, is finding time for some sightseeing, too. She posted two photos on Instagram from the famous Jackson Square, with St. Louis Cathedral behind her.

De Armas is coming off quite the year: She earned a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in 2019's hit whodunit Knives Out. And now, she's shooting Deep Water, which is based on the eponymous 1957 novel by acclaimed psychological thriller writer Patricia Highsmith. The movie stars Affleck and De Armas as Vic and Melinda Van Allen—a wealthy couple living in a small town whose marriage is held together solely because Melinda is allowed to have as many lovers as she pleases. But things get a little messy when Vic becomes overwhelmed with jealousy, and begins using the mysterious death of one of her former lovers to scare away her current flings.

De Armas recently told the Daily Mail that her character isn't the greatest wife in the world. "It's a psychological thriller, and the woman I play is not always nice to her husband," she said.

The movie marks a return to filmmaking after an 18-year-absence for Fatal Attraction director Adrian Lyne, whose last movie, Unfaithful, was also about infidelity and murder. Playing a husband in a complicated marriage isn't exactly new territory for Affleck either—his performance in the 2014 mystery thriller Gone Girl delved into the dark consequences of adultery.

In addition to Deep Water hitting theaters in Nov. 2020, De Armas will also be playing the new Bond girl in No Time to DieDaniel Craig's last 007 film—as well as starring as Marilyn Monroe in Netflix's Blonde. And it's clear this relative newcomer is just getting started. "I never thought I would be Marilyn Monroe, or a Bond girl, or of any of these opportunities that I've been given," she told the Los Angeles Times confidently in late 2019. "Or—not really given. I got them."

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