This Shed-Defending Dog Onesie Is Getting Hilarious Reviews on Amazon

"Good if you can handle dog's look of sadness and distain."

If you have a dog who sheds a lot, you know how quickly your previously-spotless home can become a carpet of fur. And even if you get a Roomba that's specifically designed for pets, you may be disheartened to realize you can't run it as often as you'd like to because your dog treats it like an evil foe. But now, there's another solution: this dog onesie currently on sale at Amazon that has dog owners' attention.

The so-called "Shed Defender" promises to not only contain your dog's shedding hair but to also curb their anxiety, protect them from ticks, and potentially replace the "cone of shame" by preventing them from scratching certain spots on their body.

dog shed defender

According to Amazon, it's made from "eco-friendly fabric that is lightweight, four-way stretch and breathable, ensuring your dog stays cool and comfortable," and it's also "veterinarian-approved." It comes in a variety of colors and the price ranges from $40 to $60, depending on the size.

Not to mention, it could also make your pet look fashionable and debonair, as evidenced by this dog who seems poised to write the great American novel.

dog onesie Shed Defender
Shed Defender / Amazon

With an average rating of 3.4 stars out of 5, most customers who have bought the body suit seem to be happy with it.

"I absolutely love this product," Amazon user Darby Hill wrote. "It fit my pug perfectly. He has allergies and I use it to prevent him from chewing on his lower legs and the inside of his thighs. It's the only bodysuit that covers his complete body."

Pug Onesie

"My dog didn't like me very much when I put it on and she stared at me with a look of sadness, hatred and distain while wearing the hot pink jumpsuit, but it prevented her fur from getting allllllll over the house so great product!" another customer wrote in a review, titled "Good if you can handle dog's look of sadness & distain."

dog Shed Defender Amazon

"I am so pleased with this product that I had to write a review, which I rarely do. Thank you for saving the day!" another Amazon user wrote.

dog shed defender Amazon

As great as the product seems to be, it's worth noting that there's some debate among veterinarians about whether or not dogs actually like wearing clothing, and it's probably best to take your dog's preferences for attire into account before buying it.

"You know your pet better than anyone else, so if you think they would seem stressed or uncomfortable wearing something on their head, paws, or midsection, reconsider having them in a costume," Dr. Danielle Bernal, a veterinarian with Wellness Natural Pet Food, told Best Life. And for more great dog stories, check out This Online Pet Store Did the Kindest Thing After One Customer's Dog Died.

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