These 3 States Are Now in a "Critical" COVID-19 Situation, Researchers Say

Based on the current data, Covid Act Now believes these states are in the coronavirus danger zone.

With the coronavirus pandemic raging across the country, the numbers in some areas look as dire now—if not worse—than they did at what seemed like the height of the crisis. But even with COVID-19 cases skyrocketing all over the U.S., some states are getting hit much harder than others. The researchers over at Covid Act Now, which has epidemiologists, health experts, and others analyzing the available data, have developed a color-coded system to determine each state's ability to contain its coronavirus outbreak. As of June 29, these are the three states they believe are in a "critical" situation with COVID-19. And for the states where numbers are going down, These Are the Only Two States Seeing New COVID-19 Cases Decline.


birmingham alabama

According to Covid Act Now, Alabama is at a critical COVID risk level. While an infection rate (the number of people the average sick person will infect) of 1.07 means the virus is spreading relatively slowly, the state's positive test rate of 10 percent is high. In fact, travelers from any state with a positive test rate of 10 percent or higher are now required to self-quarantine when visiting New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. Although Covid Act Now believes the state has sufficient ICU beds, Alabama only has enough contact tracers to trace 4 percent of new COVID-19 infections in 48 hours. And for more on the self-quarantine mandate, The CDC Says This One Drastic Measure May Not Help Control COVID-19.


phoenix arizona

Arizona is one of the states that experts are most concerned about, so it's no surprise that Covid Act Now puts it in the critical category. The state's infection rate of 1.19 is considered high, while its positive test rate of 22.6 percent is critical—these numbers reflect that cases are rising rapidly, and not enough testing is being done. Moreover, with an estimated 88 percent of ICU beds in use, hospitals are in danger of being unable to handle new coronavirus cases. As for contact tracing, Covid Act Now believes Arizona only has enough resources to trace 3 percent of new infections. And for more areas in serious trouble, These States Have "Lost Control of the Epidemic," Experts Say.


downtown kansas city missouri

The numbers in Missouri are slightly less alarming than in the other two states, but Covid Act Now still considers them concerning enough to identify the state as being at a critical COVID risk level. That's largely because of the lack of contact tracers—only 4 percent of the number needed for the state—but also because of the medium risk of its infection rate (1.05) and positive test rate (5.5 percent). On the plus side, Covid Act Now believes Missouri has sufficient ICU beds for future coronavirus patients. And for more up-to-date information, sign up for our daily newsletter.

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