This One Airline Is Taking Coronavirus Safety to a Whole New Level

You might not recognize flight attendants on Qatar, thanks to their extreme COVID-19 precautions.

Flight attendants have to put up with a lot for their jobs—grumpy passengers, messy cabins, long days away from home. And now, they have a global pandemic to deal with, too. As the aviation industry adapts to this "new normal," airlines are taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Some are blocking off middle seats and handing out Clorox wipes, but other carriers are truly going above and beyond with their safety procedures—and none more than Qatar Airways.

On Qatar, cabin crews must undergo thermal screenings before every departure, and flight attendants are required to wear disposable hazmat suits, masks, gloves, and safety goggles while onboard. Starting on May 25, it will also be mandatory for passengers to wear face masks. Big bottles of hand sanitizer will be placed throughout the galleys and cabins for everyone to use, too.

"We have introduced these additional safety measures onboard our flights to ensure the continued health and well-being of our passengers and cabin crew, and to limit the spread of coronavirus," Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker said in a statement. "As an airline, we maintain the highest possible hygiene standards to ensure that we can fly people home safely during this time and provide even greater reassurance that safety is our number one priority."

qatar airways flight attendants in hazmat suits
Qatar Airways

And if you want added protection, and have some money to spare, you'll want to book in Qatar's business class. The luxurious Qsuites are private quarters with partitions and doors that separate you from the rest of the travelers, and there's even a "do not disturb" button if you want to limit contact with the flight crew. For a sneak peek of other travel changes, check out 7 Things You May Never See in Airports Ever Again.

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