Older Woman With Dementia Risk

7 Shocking Alzheimer's Facts You Need to Know

When it comes to this frightening disease, knowledge is power.

A senior woman sitting on the sofa drinking a cup of coffee

This Bathroom Habit Slashes Alzheimer's Risk

This simple, everyday habit protects your brain health.

white man holding toilet paper

This Bathroom Sign Could Be Early Alzheimer's

This surprising sign may show up over a decade before diagnosis.

researcher examining brain scans

New Alzheimer's Drug Cuts Symptoms 30 Percent

It's the first medication to successfully slow cognitive decline.

older woman holding head

New Blood Test Can Detect Alzheimer's Disease

The new test can detect a novel marker of the deadly disease.

Older woman massaging nose bridge.

A Credit Score Change Could Signal Dementia

A change in your credit score could be an early warning sign of dementia.

Older couple driving in car

This Alzheimer's Symptom May Show Up While Parking

Don't overlook this subtle symptom. Your safety depends on it.

Senior Woman Comforting Man With Depression At Home

Feeling This Way Could Be an Alzheimer's Sign

It's a common early warning sign that something isn't right.

Older couple cooking together

This Kitchen Issue Could Signal Alzheimer's

Talk to your doctor if this happens to you in the kitchen.

A senior couple walking together through a park

Saying This Could Signal Early-Onset Alzheimer's

This strange symptom is "the most common" indicator of the disease, one study warns.

doctor making pills prescription online, using mobile phone, filling medical chart

This Drug May Help Treat Alzheimer's Disease

Although there is no cure for dementia, some things can ease the symptoms.

Woman in her bedroom sitting by a window.

This Daytime Habit Could Signal Alzheimer's

Could this common habit be a red flag?

Older couple sleeping in bed

Doing This at Night Triples Your Alzheimer's Risk

It's an especially important revelation for men.

female health concerns after 40

These Vision Changes Could Signal Alzheimer's

If you notice any of them, it may be time for a screening.

young black woman laughing, eating salad

Doing This at Meals May Help Prevent Alzheimer's

Early research shows promising results.

Man Struggling to Play Chess

Eating Fruits and Veggies Protects Your Brain

Adding plenty of fruits and veggies to your diet can help prevent cognitive decline.

This Vision Change Could Indicate Alzheimer's

This Vision Change Could Indicate Alzheimer's

If you're seeing this, it may be a surprising early symptom of dementia.

doctor speaking to patient with dementia

Doing This When You Talk May Signal Early Alzheimer's

These subtle speech changes could be an early warning sign.

Stacy London Thought She Had Early Alzheimer's

Stacy London Thought She Had Early Alzheimer's

Her symptoms turned out to be due to a common, and completely normal, condition.

close up of elderly male hands on wooden table writing on blank paper

Handwriting Like This Could Signal Alzheimer's

Brain cells damaged by dementia can result in this easy-to-miss early symptom.