Closeup portrait of angry mad young woman gesturing with her finger against temple asking are you crazy? She's wearing a light-blue shirt against a bright yellow background.

The Bluntest Zodiac Sign

Go to them if you're looking for (and can handle!) brutal honesty.

The Most Oblivious Zodiac Sign

The Most Oblivious Zodiac Sign

You might be talking, but that doesn't mean they're hearing you.

An energetic young couple celebrating the holidays with gold balloons and confetti around them.

The Most Festive Zodiac Sign

They'll take any chance they can get to decorate, celebrate, and jubilate.

A woman standing in front of the Sagrada Familia cathedral

The Most Spontaneous Zodiac Signs

Warning: They'll make huge decisions on a whim.

woman smiling in front of trees

The 6 Mellowest Zodiac Signs

This astrological sign stays cool as a cucumber.

The Least Generous Zodiac Sign

The Least Generous Zodiac Sign

Don't expect this sign to foot the bill.

The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Fall in Love

The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Fall in Love

These signs just "can't help falling in love."

Woman pushing man aside during argument on the couch

The Most Close-Minded Zodiac Sign

Don't be surprised when they can't understand your perspective.

A graphic designer at her computer with a client showing him color samples

The Most Creative Zodiac Sign

Whether they're an artist, musician, or designer, these signs are seriously creative.

A sneaky-looking young woman in the foreground with the client she's deceived in the background.

The Most Deceptive Zodiac Sign

They'll lead you on and stretch the truth without a second thought.

The Most Naive Zodiac Sign

The Most Naive Zodiac Sign

Maybe they're clueless. Or maybe they're just too pure and good for the rest of us.

Two female friends sitting and chatting.

This Zodiac Sign Is the Best Listener

Need to get something off your chest? These folks make the best sounding boards.

A young brunette woman cries while talking on her cell phone on a park bench.

The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Cry in Public

These people are so emotional, they can't wait to get home to open the floodgates.

A happy young woman smiling and throwing her arms up in front of a red car.

The Most Open-Minded Zodiac Sign

You don't have to fear judgment when you're with these people.

The 6 Wildest Zodiac Signs

The 6 Wildest Zodiac Signs

For an untamed good time, try hanging out with these astrological signs.

mismatched outfits colorful

The Worst Dressed Zodiac Sign

You may want to give them guidance before a big event.

woman hanging onto man

The Clingiest Zodiac Sign

Astrologers say this sign needs a lot of attention.

two women sitting on a bench and one is ignoring the other

The Pettiest Zodiac Sign

These personalities won't let anything go

A stylish young woman wearing linen clothes sitting on a stool in front of her bed in a bohemian-style room.

The Most Stylish Zodiac Sign

You can trust their taste on everything from fashion to art to interiors.

A smiling woman walking with her suitcase in the international arrivals terminal at an airport.

The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Travel the World

Their free-spirited nature leads them on constant adventures.