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The 6 Mellowest Zodiac Signs

This astrological sign stays cool as a cucumber.

The Least Generous Zodiac Sign

The Least Generous Zodiac Sign

Don't expect this sign to foot the bill.

A graphic designer at her computer with a client showing him color samples

The Most Creative Zodiac Sign

Whether they're an artist, musician, or designer, these signs are seriously creative.

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The Clingiest Zodiac Sign

Astrologers say this sign needs a lot of attention.

The 6 Wildest Zodiac Signs

The 6 Wildest Zodiac Signs

For an untamed good time, try hanging out with these astrological signs.

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The Pettiest Zodiac Sign

These personalities won't let anything go

A woman standing in front of the Sagrada Familia cathedral

The Most Spontaneous Zodiac Signs

Warning: They'll make huge decisions on a whim.


The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Be Rich

Astrologers reveal which sign is most likely to be rolling in cash.

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The Worst Dressed Zodiac Sign

You may want to give them guidance before a big event.

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The Nastiest Zodiac Sign

You'll want to stay away from some of these signs.

A stylish young woman wearing linen clothes sitting on a stool in front of her bed in a bohemian-style room.

The Most Stylish Zodiac Sign

You can trust their taste on everything from fashion to art to interiors.

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This Is the Most Selfish Zodiac Sign

They'll eat the last cookie with no remorse.

A smiling woman walking with her suitcase in the international arrivals terminal at an airport.

The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Travel the World

Their free-spirited nature leads them on constant adventures.

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The Zodiac Sign That Makes the Best Chef

You should always accept their dinner party invitations.

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The Most Irresponsible Zodiac Sign

You probably won't be able to depend on these careless people.

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The 6 Most Reckless Zodiac Signs

Spontaneous or totally careless? These daredevils act with reckless abandon.

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This Zodiac Sign Is the Biggest Party Animal

They work the room like it's no one's business.

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The Most Spiteful Zodiac Sign

Make sure you don't cross these vengeful signs.

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The Luckiest Zodiac Sign

Astrologers reveal these people create their own good fortune.

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The Most Power-Hungry Zodiac Sign

These astrological personalities won't stop until they have power.