This Face Mask Isn't as Effective as You Thought

This Face Mask Isn't as Effective as You Thought

If you're looking for the best results, don't use one of these to DIY your own face mask, scientists say.

A woman wearing a face mask sits next to her blue suitcase in a travel lounge

You Should Do This "Only If Necessary" Right Now

As hard as it may be, certain things are still too risky until coronavirus gets under control.

A sign hanging from a red and white chain that says "temporarily closed due to COVID-19

This State Is Locking Down Again for 30 Days

The governor of Arizona has ordered all bars, gyms, and movie theaters to close for at least 30 days.

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The Secret COVID-19 Test Fees You Should Avoid

Some patients are finding high hidden charges after being tested for COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Could Eradicate This Expensive Problem

Experts say COVID-19 may significantly reduce the risk of bringing these pests home with you.

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43 Percent of COVID-19 Deaths Happen in This Place

Almost half of the coronavirus deaths in America are linked to the same spot.

You're More Likely to Spread COVID-19 at This Age

You're More Likely to Spread COVID-19 at This Age

You also might be one of the main drivers of super-spreading, new research says.

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83% of People Won't Do This in Bed to Stop COVID

Wearing a mask isn't always fun—but it could be key to stopping the spread of coronavirus in the bedroom.

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The Horrifying Side Effect Among COVID Patients

Studies show that hospitalized coronavirus patients are likely to experience this severe symptom.

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50 Absurd Celeb Rumors Some People Really Believe

From faked deaths to secret twins to radical beauty regimens, stars have dealt with some wild theories.