The skyline of Honolulu, Hawaii as seen from the water on Waikiki Beach at sunset.

The Only State Without "Uncontrolled Spread" of COVID

Surges in COVID cases paint a bleak picture from coast to coast—except in this one state.

A doctor wearing blue gloves fills a syringe with COVID vaccine.

Doctors Have This Worry About the COVID Vaccine

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The Mandaloria

This "Mandalorian" Mistake Is Too Funny

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If You're Using This Pressure Cooker, Stop Now

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Got This COVID Symptom? Skip Thanksgiving

The nation's top doctor is warning the public ahead of the holiday.

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The 20 Worst Movies Starring Oscar Winners

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You Won't See Chrissy Teigen "Clap Back" Anymore

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This Is the Worst Time to Grocery Shop This Week

Google Trends says this is when you should avoid shopping the week of Thanksgiving.

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If You See This Giant Lizard, Call Authorities

Four-foot long lizards have been invading Southeastern states in the U.S.

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This Lookalike Actor Will Play Young George Clooney

"He's better looking than me," Clooney said of this 34-year-old Hollywood acting legacy.