Beautiful woman taking break for short sleep in middle of day at home

Napping This Much Can Lower Heart Attack Risk

This is how often you should be dozing off during the day for the good of your heart.

people sitting in doctor's office waiting room wearing masks amid covid

If You See This at a Doctor's Office, Don't Go In

These red flags are surefire signs it's time to head for the door.

happy young woman giving present to grandmother

This Popular Mother's Day Gift May Be Missing

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woman in yellow blouse shopping for meat in supermarket holding cell phone

Don't Eat This Pork Product, USDA Says

This popular meat may be contaminated, and authorities are cautioning against eating it.

Health visitor and a senior woman during home visit. Female doctor talking to a senior woman. Doctor with senior woman in nursing home. Helpful doctor taking care of senior woman in nursing home

Doing This Can Reduce Dementia Risk, Study Finds

Research has determined one possible way to stave off cognitive decline.

Dr. Anthony Fauci wearing a face mask with lab equipment depicted on it

Dr. Fauci Says This Is Now the Goal With COVID

The goal of getting enough Americans vaccinated to end the pandemic is proving elusive.

Will Smith

Will Smith Says This Is "Worst Shape of My Life"

The actor got candid about the current state of his body on social media.

Lily James at the premiere of "Cinderella" in Berlin in 2015

Lily James Breaks Her Silence on Pap Photos

The Mamma Mia! star broke her silence months after she and Dominic West made headlines.

Dannielynn and Larry Birkhead at the premiere of "The Smurfs 2" in 2013

See New Photos of Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter

Dannielynn Birkhead and her dad kept up their special family tradition this year.

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This Necessity May Soon Be Impossible to Find

A shortage of truck drivers may make it harder to hit the road this summer.