30 Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Get him a present he doesn’t even know he wants.

30 Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Here are 30 gifts so amazing he’ll never even see them coming. And if you want to really ace his birthday, be sure to also keep in mind the 20 Things He Always Wants You to Say.

Birthday Gifts for Your Husband Surfboard

A Surfboard

From $715; buy now at CI Surfboards

The best gifts are the ones he’d never buy for himself—like a great, upscale surfboard such as this one. It might not be practical, but it’s undeniably cool. And if he’s already got one, consider forking out for one of these 100 Wow Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything. 

Take a tip to the Patagonia as Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Luxury Trip to Patagonia

From $10,940 per person; buy now at Black Tomato

This 13-day experience in Chilean Patagonia is absolutely packed with adventure. He’ll be able to enjoy a ridiculous amount of natural beauty, active days, and totally chill nights. And for more travel inspiration, check out the 25 Adventures Every Man Should Have.

Bespoke Slipper Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Bespoke Slippers

From $650; but now at Stubbs and Wootton

Upgrade his after-work-wear with a set of luxe monogrammed slippers in his favorite color combo.

Beer Brewing kit Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Beer-Making Kit

$70; buy now at Northern Brewer

Okay, maybe this isn’t a hobby you want to encourage. But if you don’t mind having freshly-brewed beer around the house—and you’re married to an enthusiast—this pick is sure to delight. After all, he can always pair it with the perfect steak. If he’s not a grill master yet, don’t worry: Here’s How to Cook a Steak at Home Like a Pro. 

 Lotuff Weekender Bag Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Go-Anywhere Weekender

$1,200; buy now at Lotuff

Every guy needs a presentable weekend bag—and preferably in classic, rugged leather. This one comes with a hefty price tag, but it also has a lifetime guarantee for the inevitable wear and tear. And if you’re looking for some great escapes in the coming weeks, here are The 10 Best Late-Winter Weekend Escapes Right Now.

Google Virtual Reality Glasses Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A VR Headset

$99; buy now at Best Buy

Grab a Google Daydream View for your hubby. All he has to do is set it up with his smartphone and get immersed. Besides, he’ll look totally silly, which will be hilarious for you. And for more goofy fun, check out the 40 Facts So Funny They’re Hard to Believe. 

Weber Meat Smoker Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Meat Smoker

$22; buy now at Amazon

He can turn any old grill into a meat smoker with this nifty little box.

Concert tickets for the Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Concert Tickets

Prices vary; buy now at Ticketmaster

Snag some tickets to see his favorite band and you’ll be hearing about how great this year’s birthday gift was for decades to come.

 Elisabeth Weinstock Flask Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Very Fancy Flask

$275; buy now at Elisabeth Weinstock

There’s just something about having totally legit flask that seems to excite every man. What’s more: He’ll never buy one for himself! And for more great gift ideas, check out the 40 Books Every Man Over 40 Should Have on His Shelf. 

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

$350; buy now at Bose

Whether for airplane travel, a noisy commute, or just chilling out at home, these headphones are the kind of gift he won’t know he needs until he receives it. Good luck getting him to take them off! And for what definitely not to get him, here are the 30 Most Useless Home Appliances Ever Created. 

A night with the boys Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Weekend With The Boys

From $50; buy now at Airbnb

Book something local or just a couple of hours away from home for your husband and his buddies to blow off some steam. Better yet, get him an Airbnb gift certificate so he can choose the destination himself. Just make sure he knows the 30 Airport Secrets Only Insiders Know. 

Record Player Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Luxe Record Player

$2,500; buy now at Nordstrom

Let him get nostalgic with his favorite LPs on a high-quality turntable that also adds some decor chops to any room it’s placed in.

Jason Markk Shoe cleaning kit Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Shoe Cleaning Kit

$36; buy now at Jason Markk

Regardless of whether his style veers more towards sneakers or Chelsea boots, he’ll appreciate having all the tools he needs to keep his most beloved footwear in top shape.

Star Wars Cufflinks Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Star Wars Cufflinks

$495; buy now at Bergdorf Goodman

Indulge his Star Wars obsession with these nerdy-but-cool cufflinks that are definitely going to make his friends jealous. And if he’s a crazy-obsessed inspiring Jedi, get him The Secret Fitness Tool the Star Wars Cast Swears By. 

Wine Hike Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

An Organized Hike

$50; buy now at Malibu Wine Hikes

Hiking is fun, but it’s even more fun when someone does the route and snack planning for you. Find a tour operator in your area, like Malibu Wine Hikes, which combines hiking with wine tasting for the ultimate outdoorsy activity. Need some hike inspiration? Here are The Greatest Hikes in the World. 

Tool Kit Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Cool Tool Set

$72; buy now at Goop

If your guy doesn’t have a set of tools around the house yet, get one for him to tinker with in his off-hours. If you want to pick and choose tools for him, here are the 25 Tools Every Man Should Own.

 speaker Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Fancy Speaker

$499; Buy now at Sonos

Go for a wireless speaker he can geek out over. He can hook it up to your TV for better sound quality when watching movies or playing video games, or simply play his favorite music straight from his phone while you’re hanging out on the couch.

Travel grooming kit Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Travel Grooming Kit

$75; buy now at Aesop

If he’s always on the go, a nice grooming kit meant for jet-setting can help him feel at home no matter where he ventures.

Unlimited Movies Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Unlimited Movies

$10 per month; buy now at Movie Pass

Need we say more? As many movies as you can see every month for just ten bucks. Buy two memberships and you’ll have an endless supply of date-night ideas.

Arcade Game Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

An Arcade Game

From $2,999; buy now at The Pinball Company

Bring back childhood memories with his favorite arcade game from way back when.

Smart Watch Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Sleek Smartwatch

$2,900; buy now at Louis Vuitton

Fitness trackers are great and all, but a grown-up watch that does it all? That’s the dream. And for more classic options, get inspired by these 7 Must-Have New Vintage-Inspired Watches.

Language Class Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Language Classes

Prices vary; buy now on Thumbtack

If he’s been talking about brushing up on his French before your next trip to Paris, book him a few sessions with a language trainer.

Shark Diving Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Shark Diving Experience

From $500; buy now at Shark Diving Phillipines

What’s life without some thrills, right? Head to the Philippines to dive with the sharks and and expert guide. If shark diving doesn’t sound appealing, consider one of these 50 Best Bonding Activities for Married Couples.

Key hiding rock Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Key Hiding Rock

$22; buy now at Uncommon Goods

Because he always forgets his keys. (OK, this gift might be more for you than him, but still, it’s a little something that will probably make him smile, especially if there’s a good chance he’ll use it.)

New sneakers Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Cool Sneakers

$410; buy now at Mr. Porter

There isn’t a guy on the planet who can’t use a pair of fresh white kicks. Even if he’s already got a pair, he’ll appreciate a shoe wardrobe refresh.

Cheese-Making Class Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Cheese Making Class

$120 per person; buy now at Murray’s

Who doesn’t love cheese? Find a hands-on class where you can learn to make the stuff together—all while enjoying great wine, of course.

Leather Jacket Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Classic Leather Jacket

$4,270; buy now at Mr. Porter

There’s nothing better than a high-quality leather jacket with sleek lines to bring every outfit up a notch. This is the gift that keeps on giving those style points.

Fancy Socks Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Socks He’ll Actually Like

$60 for 3; buy now at Stance

Socks might seem like a lame gift, but hear us out. Stance makes the most comfortable, coolest-looking ones out there. Plus, they’re super durable, so they’ll last for years to come.

Cocktail Kit Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Beautiful Cocktail-Making Kit

$4,995; buy now at Neiman Marcus

If he’s serious about imbibing, this state-of-the-art cocktail box will look amazing in his study. Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s Bugatti collection, this setup is all class. For some classic cocktail inspiration, pick him up some ingredients for a few of these 15 Two-Ingredient Cocktails You Can Make in 15 Seconds.

A Book Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

A Book of The Month Subscription

From $10 per month; buy now at Book of The Month

If he’s always saying he wishes he could read more, make it easy for him by getting him a subscription to Book of The Month. Each month, he’ll select from five choices and get a book in the mail. Even if he’s pressed for time during most of the year, he’ll have a stack of titles ready and waiting for your next vacation.

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