18 Quarantine TikToks That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

These social media stars are making the most out of their boredom.

Let's be honest: we could all use a good laugh right now. Much of the world is stuck indoors, trying to stop the spread of coronavirus. But in a lot of cases, creativity has thrived in quarantine-based boredom. Users of the social media app TikTok—including several celebrities—have really risen to the occasion, providing viewers with countless funny quarantine TikToks to lighten the mood and take their minds off of the anxiety-inducing news updates coming at them daily. And in even better news, you don't have to master the app itself to see what they've put together. We've scrolled through tons of TikTok content to find the most creative and hilarious quarantine-themed creations.

Funny Quarantine TikToks

Party for one.

@barstoolsportsThe saddest birthday of all time♬ Трагедия 😥 – wweagleweagle

This post goes out to everyone stuck celebrating their birthday in quarantine and making do with what they have. That dramatic crying you hear is an audio clip used a lot on the app to make a video even more over-the-top.

Live footage of all of us right now.

@clipsWhy is this so accurate 😂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ##corona ##meme ##world ##fyp♬ original sound – clips

Someone was clever enough to use this chaotic scene from The Office to demonstrate the world's reaction to the coronavirus outbreak. Tag yourself, I'm WHO.

A TikToker doing their neighborly duty.

@iifunanyauI do this every morning to make sure the neighbors are good 👌🏾##socialdistancing ##coronavirus ##corona ##quarantine♬ original sound – starlenia

Being a good neighbor these days looks a bit different than it usually does, and it generally involves staying on your side of the street. This TikToker wants to check in with her neighbor from a safe distance, so she calls out the notes Elsa hears in Frozen 2. What she gets back doesn't quite match up with the movie.

What travel looks like these days.

@ananya.h.kulkarniDoes this count as physical activity? ##fyp ##quarantine ##got2bStyled ##ontherunway♬ Some Cut (Explicit Version) – Trillville

When you're stuck inside your own home, you need to think of ways to shake up your routine. Tired of the wine country in your kitchen? Why not take the express train to your couch?

My last two brain cells.

@barstoolsportsAt least someone is enjoying quarantine (ig: Megan.elizabeth.x3)♬ original sound – barstoolsports

Parents caught their twins having a candid conversation about "quarantines" in their bedroom, and it's too adorable. If only we could battle the coronavirus with pillows.

When your blood type is red sauce.

@clipsSomeone give him his pasta 😭 ##italy ##corona ##fyp ##funny♬ original sound – clips

While Italy suffers through quarantine, some are taking it better than others. This man is dismayed at the lack of pasta on his store shelves and gives us all a history check by comparing the panic buying to World War II.

This pure grandma.

@kirstofrshe wouldn't come back out until I took the money♬ original sound – kirstofr

Sneaking money to their grandkids is an almost universal grandparent practice. This precious grandma won't let the quarantine stop her from slipping her granddaughter the obligatory cash.

The most ferocious social distancer.

@jennamboydShe's taking social distancing VERRRRY seriously 👀 ##fyp ##socialdistancing ##dogsoftiktok♬ original sound – jennamboyd

If there are any winners in this quarantine, it's certainly the pets who are happy to have company all day long. However, this pup doesn't seem to be all that pleased that his owner is breaking the six-feet social distancing rule.

Creative Quarantine TikToks

A true American hero.

@natenorellA cinematic masterpiece. w/@actionstudiostv ##corona ##viral ##coronatime ##fyp♬ Merlins cover of Country Roads – deadp00l1131

These TikTokers made comedy out of the toilet paper shortage fiasco, turning the errand of going out and finding some into an epic hero's quest. It's not even an exaggeration—that's what it feels like to get your hands on a few rolls.

Friday night in quarantine with the boys

@bwarrrrWhat are you all doing during Quarantine?? ##fyp ##foryoupage ##coronamonday ##foryou ##coronavirus ##theboys♬ The Weeknd – Blinding Lights – gregdahl7

TikTok has birthed a few dance crazes, including the "Savage" challenge and "Blinding Lights", which is featured in this video. Once a famous TikToker choreographs a dance, many iterations of it are created. If you don't learn at least one of them during quarantine, you're just not doing it right.

This quarantine birthday celebration.

@emilytorchiaIt was a good time ##ButterGlossPop ##gamingszn ##selfquarantine ##coronavirus ##MoodBoost ##21♬ original sound – emilytorchia

This TikToker's parents felt bad that their son would be spending his birthday in social isolation, so they created a germ-free bar in their garage. Family members took up various positions, from bouncer to bartender, making this one milestone the birthday boy will never forget.

This quarantine crush.

@milessdespairI miss my friends ##socialdistancingchallenge ##fyp ##foryoupage ##xyzbca ##gamingszn♬ original sound – carrotlmao

This TikToker has started to develop feelings for a grocery clerk, because he hasn't seen anyone else for days. You may be surprised who you get closer to in these strange times.

Classic cop-out.

@zizzysizzleLmao😂 ##lol ##onlineclass ##corona ##braids ##mixedgirl♬ original sound – zizzysizzle

While many have transitioned from in-person classes and heading into the office to working from home, it can be tempting to…be a little less productive than usual, let's just say. We can't promise it'll work, but this TikToker has a strategy for getting out of doing her work that's the modern-day equivalent of, "I'm going into a tunnel. I'm going to lose you."

The next Steve Jobs

@livingfitwithleticiaNo gym? No prob 😉 ##socialdistancingchallenge ##fyp♬ original sound – livingfitwithleticia

It's tough trying to stay active and get those endorphins flowing when gyms and studio fitness classes are out of the question. You probably shouldn't try this solution at home, but the sheer innovation is pretty astounding.

Celebrity TikToks

Joe Jonas goes to Hogwarts.

@joejonasToday's creation 🔮♬ original sound – joejonas

Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers is killing it on TikTok during this quarantine. This complicated Harry Potter LEGO setup comes with music and dialogue. Some of his other videos feature wife Sophie Turner (of Game of Thrones fame), who's equally bored and entertaining.

Cardi B having a breakfast food breakdown.

@complexmusicQuarantine getting to @iamcardib 💀💀💀 ##duetthis ##cardib♬ original sound – complexmusic

This TikTok originated on Cardi B's Instagram, where she laments having to eat cereal at home rather than sushi at a restaurant. But hey, these are emotional times, and you never know what's going to set you off.

This Hannah Montana throwback.

@mileycyrus##lifeathome ##quarantine♬ original sound – mileycyrus

Miley Cyrus posted this scene from her old Disney Channel show Hannah Montana, and it's weirdly prophetic. The singer and actor has been helping combat boredom and bad moods on both TikTok and Instagram, where she is hosting a daily talk show with famous guests.

Mark Wahlberg's dad dancing.

@markwahlberg2023Quarantine tiktok. Hope you're all staying safe out there. 🙏🏼❤️ Let's all try and stay positive and healthy. We'll all get through it. ##2020 ##march♬ original sound – markwahlberg2023

Here is another entry into a TikTok dance challenge—this time with Mark Wahlberg and his family. It seems his daughter is his biggest critic, but they're having fun together and that's what's important.

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