10 Funniest Tweets About Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional Testimony

The Internet is not being kind to Zuck.

10 Funniest Tweets About Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional Testimony

This week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced two days of grilling by lawmakers on Capitol Hill about Facebook’s breaches in user data and the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has dominated headlines recently. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the scandal or Zuckerberg’s responses to the questioning, we can all expect at least one thing: Twitter will have a field day with it. Here we’ve compiled the funniest Twitter responses to Zuckerberg’s testimony and appearance. And for more funny tweets, don’t miss these 30 Hilarious Tweets Every Parent Can Relate To. 

mark zuckerberg testified before congress

The Resemblance is Uncanny

Journalist Matthew Teague‏ shared this viral photo likening Mark Zuckerberg to Lt. Commander Data, science officer of the Enterprise on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Oh, and speaking of legal humor: here are 20 Hilarious Things Actually Said in Court. 

mark zuckerberg testified before congress

The Consequences of Your Actions

Many found this tweet by Amber Discko‏ very relatable. 

mark zuckerberg congressional testimony funny tweets

What is this Face Book?

A lot of the tweets are actually making fun of Judiciary Committee Chair Senator Chuck Grassley, because he’s, well, getting up there in years. And for more great laughs, check out the 40 Things Only Older People Say. 

mark zuckerberg testifies before congress

Whatever Happened to Hotmail?

You can just imagine him posting,“@applebees can I get a cheeseburger please” on his timeline.

ted cruz and mark zuckerberg hearing


Seeing Ted Cruz and Mark Zuckerberg go head to head was surreal.

mark zuckerman testified before congress.

He’s Fine, OK?

Fine, fine fine. Just like Ben Affleck.

mark zuckerberg hearing

Deer in the Headlights

You know it’s bad when even Getty Images takes a jab at you.

ted cruz congressional hearing on facebook privacy breach

The questions that matter

We all wish Ted Cruz had actually asked this.

jesse eisenberg in the social network

At least Jesse Eisenberg’s performance was validated

Give the man an Oscar!

myspace tom

At least one person is safe

Myspace Tom, your favorite first friend, would have never betrayed you so.

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