11 Ultimate Adventure Vacations

This summer, go out on a limb (literally), swim with sharks or hike above the clouds on one of the world's wildest getaways.

11 Ultimate Adventure Vacations

This summer, go out on a limb (literally), swim with sharks or hike above the clouds on one of the world's wildest getaways.

What’s your definition of paradise? For some, it’s a tropical beach. For others, it’s something that stimulates a bit more adrenaline. If adventure is your thing, consider one of these action-packed destinations — all ideal for the summer months — for your next getaway.

Cinque Terre

Traversing the Cinque Terre in Italy

Situated just outside Florence, Italy, and overlooking the Italian Riviera, this centuries-old is an unsung destination for adventure lovers. The Cinque Terre, which translates to “The Five Lands,” is a web of five villages that wind along the coast in an explosion of vibrant-colored architecture and stunning seaside cliffs. Hiking its trails is among Italy’s most popular attractions, and ideal for burning off Italian carbs: The main trail ends with a climb of 368 steps.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Deep below the deep, azure waters of the Coral Sea is an explorer’s paradise: the largest living thing on Earth and one of the seven wonders of the world. Spanning 1,429 miles, the Great Barrier Reef brims with colorful exotic sea life. Exploring it is nothing short of a heart-pumping adventure: You can snorkel, take submarine tours, sail and even sky dive.

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Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping from Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand

On the subject of hurtling toward earth, a bungee jump over the Kawarau River in New Zealand is next-level adventure. This famed jump point — known as the “Bungee Jump Capital of the World” and where the craze started a quarter-century ago — is a 141-foot leap. Trepidatious? Take comfort in the fact that it’s over in five seconds.

Couple on mountaintop looking at a mountain

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Prominently featured in the book and movie Wild, the PCT is known for its jaw-dropping views, challenging terrain and unmatched access to the majestic Sierra Nevada.

Cyclists on beach

Cycling along the Mediterranean

Spanning Barcelona to Cyprus, the EuroVelo EV8 route is an awe-inspiring trek, running directly alongside the glittery, aqua-colored waters of the Mediterranean. The 3,600-mile route mixes a high-intensity workout with some of the most dazzling sights in Europe: It runs through 11 countries, passing through Nice, Torino, Monaco and the Croatian coast.

Shark Cage Diving

White shark cage diving in Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

If you really thrive on excitement — really, really — take a heart-pumping getaway to the world’s top shark cage-diving destination. You descend 30 feet into the crystal-clear depths of the Pacific to get up close and personal with white sharks in their natural environment.

Man rock climbing

Rock Climbing at Joshua Tree National Park in California

Indoor rock climbing not cutting it anymore? To experience the sport in all its glory, head to Joshua Tree. Rock climbers flock to the park’s hundreds of climbing formations to take in panoramic views and unspoiled terrain.

Mount Sinai Hiking tour

A Walking Tour of Mount Sinai in Egypt

Thrill-seeking history buffs — we assume you’re out there — can get a first-person glimpse of ancient history with a trek on Mount Sinai. A three-hour climb to the summit ends above the clouds with unsurpassed vistas. Ancient Egyptian ruins, the Pyramids and a rideable camel with your name on it are nearby.

Camping tent hanging off a tree

Camping in the trees in Germany

At Waldseilgarten, you can literally spend the night suspended from treetops. This unique spin on camping can dial up romance with unmatched sunsets and the chance to really feel alone with nature.

St. Vincent Grenadines

Seeking adventure on the high seas in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Sailing enthusiasts can turn their next adventure into a dreamy getaway in one of the world’s best destinations for sailing. On this stretch of the Caribbean, dotted with 32 islands and hundreds of yacht-filled harbors, you can coast along translucent, emerald waters and untouched white sands.

Safari in Namibia

Braving an African Safari in Namibia

You can’t get much closer to wildlife than by off-road exploring in Namibia, which gives you one-on-one encounters with rhinos, elephants and zebras. You can rough it in an ATV or indulge in a luxury safari, customized to your specifications and capped with a stay in a first-class resort in the desert.

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