15 Patriotic Goddesses Show How to Wear the American Flag

If burning the flag is a crime, these lovely ladies deserve a pardon.

15 Patriotic Goddesses Show How to Wear the American Flag

If burning the flag is a crime, these lovely ladies deserve a pardon.

Every July, the greatest wardrobe invention this side of 1776 emerges for a hot second: the American flag bikini. And this year has turned out to be a particularly Star-Spangled one. From the bombshells of Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit edition to the angels of Victoria’s Secret runways, the hottest women in the world (or, well, America) are donning their stars and stripes and celebrating the home of the brave. (And posting the proof to Instagram.) So read on, and once you’re done celebrating freedom yourself, be sure to check out the 15 Instagram goddesses who’ve proven neon is sexy again.

jayde nicole american flag bikini

Jayde Nicole

Jayde Nicole may be a Canadian, but that doesn’t mean she can’t celebrate Independence Day in a stunning American flag bikini (even if this tiny number is missing a color).

tana boshoff usa bikini

Tana Boshoff

After blowing our minds this spring, swimsuit model Tana Boshoff hasn’t stopped keeping the heat turned up to 11.

danielle knudson usa bikini

Danielle Knudson

Danielle Knudson, another Canadian, sure knows how to celebrate neighborly love.

Samaria Regalado american flag bikini

Samaria Regalado

Professional dancer Samaria Regalado can dance a plethora of styles, from contemporary to jazz to musical theater (not to mention the fact that she’s danced straight into our hearts).

Melody Le american flag bikini

Melody Le

Here’s a rare shot of swimsuit model Melody Le not on a beach. She is, however, celebrating two of those aforementioned American past times.

allie silva american flag bikini

Allie Silva

Allie Silva—pictured (left) here with gal pal Sandra Kubicka—received her undergrad in sociology and has a deep passion for criminal justice reform. So, when she’s not done wowing the world, she’s saving it.

Roxanna Dunlop american flag bikini

Roxanna Dunlop

Maybe Canadians just like American more than Americans do; Roxanna Dunlop moved to Los Angeles, from Toronto, shortly after she turned 18. We’re happy to welcome her to the country.

Kyra Santoro american flag bikini

Kyra Santoro

Fun fact: If you run into Kyra Santoro at a bar, order her a vodka soda with two limes. It’s her favorite drink. Now, if only you knew what to make her later on

cora skinner american flag bikini

Cora Skinner

Fashion model Cora Skinner is, truly, a gift to all Americans.

Marta Carriedo american flag bikini

Marta Carriedo

Marta Carriedo runs an eponymous fashion blog and is the host of an accompanying show. She may have left off the red on her swimsuit, but in this case, we’ll let it slide.

nina agdal american flag bikini

Nina Agdal

It’s difficult to tell whether Nina Agdal is more known for gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit edition or for crushing Leo DiCaprio‘s heart. (Currently, she’s reportedly dating Jack Brinkley-Cook, the son of Christie Brinkley, whom you can see more of right here.)

Lexi Wood american flag bikini

Lexi Wood

Another Canadian? Well, kind of. Lexi Wood has dual citizenship, so she can celebrate all she wants. (Not that anyone would dream of stopping her.)

Elizabeth Turner americna flag bikini

Elizabeth Turner

We promise this isn’t an excuse to include Cora Skinner (left) on here twice. Here she is celebrating the Fourth with nascent fashion model Elizabeth Turner, who forgot to include red on her American flag bikini.

samantha hoopes american flag bikini

Samantha Hoopes

We’d jump through an infinite amount of hoops to spend the Fourth with Samantha Hoopes.

Alessandra Ambrosio american flag bikini

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio shows the men on the moon how to really be an American.

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