These 15 Instagram Goddesses Will Blind You with Their Neon Bikinis

Welcome to a summer as brightly lit as Times Square.

These 15 Instagram Goddesses Will Blind You with Their Neon Bikinis

Welcome to a summer as brightly lit as Times Square.

It’s only fitting that the atomic number for the chemical element neon is 10. Because the hottest summer swimwear trend among the most beautiful women in the world—or at least the ones flaunting their figures on Instagram—is the bikini so brightly lit you’d think it came with an on-off switch. Just check out Nathalie Darcas, showing off the tiniest bikini in the world, or Karen Lima in a one-piece so form-fitting it will drop your jaw. It’s like the late 70s and 80s all over again. And for more coverage of beautiful women, here are the goddesses who ushered in spring.

rachel zimmerman women in neon bikinis

Rachel Zimmerman

Here’s model Rachel Zimmerman giving it her best shot to convince us to jump in the pool. (Consider us convinced.)

sierra egan women in neon bikinis

Sierra Egan

We’re glad Sierra Egan has taken a break from Coachella—she’s attended four years in a row—to make time for the beach. Of course, she’s not the only bombshell who attends the festival: check out 15 other goddesses who made the trek this year.

women in neon bikinis rachel mortenson

Rachel Mortenson

Rachel Mortenson’s neon red bikini is nearly as stunning as her solid gold heart—she brought home a rescue dog: a boxer pup named Cadie.

women in neon bikini georgia gibbs

Georgia Gibbs

Don’t confuse this Georgia Gibbs with the jazz singer. Though the late musician could melt hearts with her dulcet tones, all it takes is one brief glance from this blond bombshell to do the same.

women in neon bikinis gabby westbrook

Gabby Westbrook

Gabby Westbrook simply adds more evidence to the argument that Australians really are the world’s most beautiful people.


Alexsandra Nikolic

Serbian model Alexsandra Nikolic has stated that her goal is to try to avoid winter all year long by traveling from beach country to beach country. For us, Alexsandra, please keep it up.

karen lima women in neon bikinis

Karen Lima

Based on this shot alone, Karen Lima seems poised to follow in the footsteps of Brazil’s other legendarily hot Lima. Factor in every photo of this goddess, and you’ll see that it’s a certainty.

madison headrick women in neon

Madison Headrick

Madison Headrick named her French bulldog after the most bullish of bulldogs: Francis Underwood.

women in neon bikini deimante guobyte

Deimante Guobyte

Deimante Guobyte loves animals to the point where, if she wasn’t modeling, she’d be a vet. Take note, gents: being kind to animals truly is one of the surefire ways to win a woman over.

nathalie darcas women in neon bikini

Nathalie Darcas

Nathalie Darcas brings about a day we never though would come: one where we’d be jealous of a San Pellegrino bottle.

brittni tucker women in neon bikini

Brittni Tucker

In her free time, Brittni Tucker boxes, so she can certainly knock you out with more than just her looks.

allie silva women in neon bikini

Allie Silva

Allie Silva is ardent rock climber, which explains why she has such a rocking body: climbing courses are, after all, one of five luxury exercise classes that will whip you into perfect shape.

marianne fonseca women in neon bikini

Marianne Fonseca

Reason number 1,406 to go to the beach: you may run into Marianne Fonseca.

joana sanz women in neon bikini

Joana Sanz

We love how much Joana Sanz loves to go sans street clothing.

emily ratajkowski neon bikini

Emily Ratajkowski

And of course, who can possibly forget the neon red bikini Emily Ratajkowski rocked at Cannes?

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