Meet Alex McGregor, the Instagram Goddess of Your Dreams

The star of "The Dark Tower" loves beaches, boxing, and bikinis.

Meet Alex McGregor, the Instagram Goddess of Your Dreams

The star of "The Dark Tower" loves beaches, boxing, and bikinis.

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    Denim Dream

    Makeup and clothing by H&M.

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    Concrete Jungle

    Shooting on location in Cape Town for art mag PSM.

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    Beachside Beauty

    On a beach vacation in the dead of January.

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    Skinny Dipping

    Going for a swim in April 2016.

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    Fruit of Love

    From October 2016, with makeup by H&M.

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    Hollywood Glamour

    A "sneak peak" of her shoot for PSM.

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    Dockside Enchantment

    This shot from August 2016 is proof that neon swimwear is back in style.

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    Piercing Gaze

    Beachside all year round: This one's from April 2016.

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    Cooling Off

    Rocking a swimsuit from S U M M E R H E A R T Swimwear.

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    Splash Fight

    Mid-winter beachside shoots are par for the course for McGregor.

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    McGregor stuns in a crop top from Maaji Activewear.

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    Better Sweater

    An old shot from July 2014—wearing a sweater in the middle of summer.

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    Sandy Hurricane

    In the middle of November, Alex McGregor opts for warmer waters.

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    Orange Crush

    Over Labor Day Weekend 2016, shopping for citrus.

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    Peace Out

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Alex McGregor may be a newcomer to Hollywood, but she’s already racked up an impressive résumé—especially in the fantasy and science-fiction genres. The 24 year-old South African has starred in ABC’s Of Prophets and Kings and the SyFy series Blood Drive, and she recently signed on to star in a forthcoming hero-based drama on the CW called Searchers. Meanwhile, on the silver screen, you’ll find her sultry countenance across from Idris Elba in The Dark Tower, the futuristic shoot-em-up that arrives into theaters today.

But back here in this earthly realm, McGregor is a girl of simple pleasures. And apparently the only thing she loves more than beaches, boxing, and her favorite bikinis, is sharing her experiences of beaches, boxing, and her favorite bikinis. We know this because we stumbled across her Instagram feed—a truly sublime collection of beautiful and artfully curated photographs that celebrate her beauty and her lavish lifestyle—and we've very glad we did. When you scroll through this sampling, you'll understand why. And for more coverage of Hollywood It Girls, be sure to check out the 15 times Gal Gadot melted our Instagram feeds.

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